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Margie Kieper hangs it up
Posted by on Sunday, July 8, 2007 at 2:06 am

Margie Kieper is giving up her blog “to more thoroughly immerse [her]self in the tropical meteorological community.” I’m totally bummed — with the demise of Charles Fenwick’s blog (and, before him, Steve Gregory), Margie had become one of my top two go-to hurricane bloggers, along with Dr. Jeff Masters. She was a great source of information and analysis, and her rhetorical flair made her blog consistently fun to read. But I certainly understand how life and blogging can sometimes conflict. Anyway, you’ll be missed, Margie.

2 Comments on “Margie Kieper hangs it up”

  1. Brian Neudorff Says:

    I am too bummed, Her insight was great along with Dr. Jeff Masters. As a meteorologist, tropical weather is not one of my strongest areas. I love the severe weather of Storms and Tornadoes. Also have enjoyed the lake effect snows while living in Erie. Her blog will be missed.

  2. Brian Neudorff Says:

    Plus, I understand how hard it is to find time to blog. Over the last few months my Sons are getting older, some of my responsibilities at work have changed and the time to blog and the ambition to blog has been limited. I am hoping to get things jump started over at my site…

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