Nifong resigns, apologizes

Mike Nifong, the North Carolina district attorney who brought trumped-up rape charges against three now-vindicated Duke lacrosse players, announced his resignation as D.A. while testifying today in his disbarment trial.

“It has become increasingly apparent, during the course of this week, in some ways that it might not have been before, that my presence as the district attorney in Durham is not furthering the cause of justice,” Nifong said, fighting back tears. “To the extent that my actions have caused pain to the Finnertys, Seligmanns and Evans, I apologize. To the extent that my actions have brought disrespect and disrepute to the Bar, to my community, I apologize.”

Joseph Cheshire, the defense attorney for one of the accused players, was not impressed: “It was an obvious cynical ploy to save his law license, and his apology to these people is far too little and comes far too late.”

Meanwhile, so far as I’m aware, there have been no apologies — not even too little, too late ones — from the “Group of 88” Duke professors who were co-architects, along with Nifong, of this tragic and deplorable rush to judgment, publicly and stridently presuming their own students guilty until proven innocent.

Anyway, Durham-in-Wonderland has more on the Nifong trial.

P.S. Duke, incidentally, was the 2007 NCAA runner-up, losing 12-11 to Johns Hopkins in the title game last month. And in a rare example of the NCAA doing the right thing, the entire team has been granted an extra year of eligibility to make up for the one they lost when the 2006 season was cancelled because of the false allegations.

UPDATE: Nifong found guilty; disbarment decision soon:

A North Carolina prosecutor broke several rules of professional conduct during his disastrous prosecution of three white Duke University lacrosse players falsely acussed of raping a black stripper, a disciplinary committee ruled Saturday.

The committee must now decide if the longtime prosecutor, who tearfully pledged Friday to resign his post as district attorney, should be stripped of his law license. That decision was expected later Saturday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe that the team was reprimanded because of the party itself (and the hiring of strippers, etc.) and not because of the trumped-up charges.

  2. Brendan Loy says:

    Right, because it’s standard procedure to CANCEL A TEAM’S WHOLE SEASON whenever members of said team have a party and hire strippers.


    Don’t be obtuse. Whatever the official, stated reason, the reality is that the season was cancelled because virtually everyone in Durham, and at Duke, assumed the three players were guilty of rape, saw the whole incident through the lens of that supposed rape, and spun it into this awful tale of race and class relations gone horribly awry — which may have been an accurate tale to a certain degree, but certainly not to anywhere near the degree that was assumed.

    Simply put, if everyone had known from the beginning that there was no rape, but just a party with strippers and a few racially charged profanities, there would have been no pressure on Duke (from without and from within) to fire the coach and cancel the season, and thus it would never have happened.

  3. Sen. Harry Reid says:

    I deplore such tragic and deplorable rushes to judgment.

  4. Curtis says:

    Harry, let’s just cut to the chase here. Was Nifong incompetent?

    Get back to me on this, tough guy.

  5. Robert says:

    So, how many other Nifongs do you think there are running prosecutorial offices in this country? None? A few? Many?

  6. JorgXMcKie says:

    Robert, I dunno, but the one we know about it too many. I’m afraid he isn’t the only one. We all too frequently in the recent past have seen similar, if not as blatant, behaviors exposed in death penalty cases. In Illinois, Rolando Cruz was convicted *three times* before final exoneration. David Dowaliby was convicted of murdering his five year old daughter based on an ‘eye witness’ who ‘saw him dump the body’ in the twilight and identified him by *THE SHAPE OF HIS NOSE SEEN AT 100 YARDS!!*. Seriously. Likewise, Gary Gauger was convicted of murdering his parents and spent some years in jail (I believe on death row) before the F’N Feds came around with evidence they had the the parents had been murdered by members of a bike gang. These are only the tip of the iceberg in Illinois. What about the other states?

    So, real answer — Too damn many.

  7. Randy says:

    Not to defend Nifong, but evidently he had a very good reputation as a prosecutor prior to the Duke rape allegations. In retrospect, it seems apparent that he let political ambition cloud his judgement in this case. At the time of the allegations, he was trailing in voter surveys by about 17% just months before the primary. This incident was too tempting not to exploit for political gain, and exploit it he did.

    One wonders if Nifong would have behaved differently if (A) it hadn’t been an election year and/or (B) if racial politics hadn’t been part of the calculation. It would have taken a prosecutor of exceptional character to withstand the slings and arrows of the Duke 88, the NAACP, the left leaning MSM, etc. under ordinary circumstances, let alone an election year. Sadly for the men indicted and the Duke lax team, Nifong wasn’t that man.

    But Mr. Nifong is not the only villain in this whole mess. The worthies of the Duke 88 have already been mentioned. It will likely be a cold day in Hades before they utter a word of contrition. The police have some explaining to do as well. Particularly galling was the suspect photo arrays shown the accuser that contained only Duke lacrosse players. Talk about stacking the deck.

  8. Craig says:

    Randy, “It would have taken a prosecutor of exceptional character…”?

    All it would’ve taken was a prosecutor of average intelligence looking at the facts. Listening to the evidence. Interviewing the accuser and the accused. Nothing exceptional was required. A being with average moral character, even though appalled at the initial allegations, would’ve easily been able to dismiss these charges. I just don’t believe that the average DA would consider indicting three innocent young men with rape for the chance to hold public office.

    It’s a helluva price to pay the devil…

  9. Jo says:

    And I see where Nifong brought his high school son along to the hearing. One can’t help but wonder
    how he’d feel about a politically motivated prosecutor (like himself) going after his own son.

  10. Richard says:

    Not to defend Nifong, but evidently he had a very good reputation as a prosecutor prior to the Duke rape allegations.

    That’s the troubling thing. If he was considered “good” and was did this, how bad are the rest of the DA’s?

    I used to be in favor of the death penalty. No more. It’s not just mistaken convictions of innocent people on death row – it’s the frames. We have no idea what percentage of people convicted are factually innocent. There are some now getting released (over strong state objections) due to DNA. But most crimes don’t have any DNA evidence.

    I also believe that – based especially on the Joyce Gilchrist episode in OK – that anyone who’s false testimony puts someone in prison or to death should suffer the same punishment.

  11. Fen says:

    That’s the troubling thing. If he was considered “good” and was did this,
    how bad are the rest of the DA’s?

    Exactly. Nifong is the Mary Mape’s of DAs. If someone of such “ethics” could rise that
    high, then something is dreadfully wrong with our legal system.

  12. Wobbly H says:

    Mike Nifong, the excellent film “Murder on a Sunday Morning”, and John Grisham’s most recent book “The Innocent Man” are all troubling indications of policework and prosecution in the United States. I don’t know who would hire Mr. Nifong, but he could certainly form his own solo practice (if he wasn’t insolvent from the lawsuits, defense of his own professional license, etc.). He must be disbarred. If any good has come from this, it would be that American citizens will develop a healthy suspicion of prosecutors and policemen when they serve on a jury.

  13. Mike says:

    OK, Brendan, I just searched for and read the text of the ad that the group of 88 ran. I don’t necessarily agree with what it said, but I don’t think it’s fair to give responsibility for the rush to judgment to those professors. My reading of the ad is that it’s pretty clear that they’re talking about long-standing issues of sexism and racism and classism – or at least the perception of them – that were put under a spotlight by the accusations and investigation.

    I think there’s a certain opportunism evident in the ad (“Hey, people might be more willing to talk about racism on campus now, so let’s do so!”), but that’s not the same as them being co-architects of a rush to judgment.

  14. Dave says:

    It isn’t simply about that. These people made an effort to stigmatize and push out the accused from classes and from campus life. There was no proof and yet these people were ready to string them up from a sour apple tree in the name of “fighting classism” and other such pointy-headed academic nonsense. The ad was bad enough, but the words and behavior that followed it were inexcusable.

  15. anon says:

    Well, Brendan, according to many people I know who attend Duke or have attended Duke, the stripper party was only the latest and best-publicized of a series of incidents in which the lacrosse team caused substantial embarassment to the university by engaging in lewd and destructive conduct. Clearly none of us knows the full extent of the disciplinary problems Duke has had with the team and its players; but I think it’s a little short-sighted to assume that the university was responding just to one incident. In my opinion, the university did exactly what it should have done in the face of a serious incident in which members of a notable varsity athletic team which had apparently displayed a long pattern of destructive and embarassing behavior had a party at which a rape allegedly occurred. It’s no different (and no more harsh) than a fraternity suspension.

  16. PaulD says:

    “It would have taken a prosecutor of exceptional character to withstand the slings and arrows of the Duke 88, the NAACP, the left leaning MSM, etc. under ordinary circumstances, let alone an election year.”

    I totally disagree. Nifong used his office to prosecute for his personal political gain three young men who he knew were innocent or was reckless for not knowing were innocent. For a prosecutor to so cynically use the authority of his office reflect depravity not normal human failings.

  17. DaveP. says:

    Anon, isn’t that assuming guilt based on unsupported hearsay evidence?
    And then meting out punishment based on unproven and (as it turned out) malicous accusations?
    Unacceptable. Shameful, even.

  18. Oligonicella says:

    Well, anon 7:39, that might come across as more than bull if you listed some of the incidents. Easy to accuse with ‘many’.

  19. PaulD says:

    Randy said, “Not to defend Nifong, but evidently he had a very good reputation as a prosecutor prior to the Duke rape allegations.”

    What is your evidence of Nifong’s “good reputation”. I would not rely upon a statements of a few character witnesses at the ethics trial. Anyone can find a few people to say good things about them, especially when people are asked to help a friend who is in trouble. I noticed that Nifong did not call as character witnesses any members of the defense bar. A well-respected prosecutor could easily find opposing counsel who could testify to their character.

  20. enb says:

    Wobbly H Says “If any good has come from this, it would be that American citizens will develop a healthy suspicion of prosecutors and policemen when they serve on a jury”.

    Will this lead to more O.J.-like verdicts with reasonable doubt based mainly on implied questionable police practices?

  21. KP says:

    All I can say is that the Fells Acre case in MA involving the Amirault family could have used the blogosphere. Those convictions of entirely false charges are still on the books, and Scott Harshbarger is still working and living in MA with no remorse. It makes me sick. When I get called for Jury Duty, I write in the box that jusice is not the aim of the state in MA, politics and procedure are the only aims based on the Amirault prosecution. (And I think it was PA where a DA didn’t file similar charges after similar allegations there in all the hysteria right after that case…) I get kicked off the jury every time. And now they are begging for jurors. I wish everyone would write that on their juror form until this thing is officially ended. (Although, it can never be ended for the family.)

  22. Savant says:

    To “anon” at 7:39:43

    There is a huge problem with the “series of incidents” and “they are no angels” arguments. The “series” conflates incidents that happened before the indicted kids were even Duke students and the actions of non-indicted players. This is a fig leaf to cover the lynching. Furthermore, the faculty and administrators who use this argument came from the generation that indulged itself sexually and chemically more than any other generation in history. They are either hypocrites are have very poor memories.

    The people who run the race/gender/class madrassahs at Duke WANTED and NEEDED for this rape to have happened and could not change course when the evidence started to point the other way. They continued to persecute these guys even as it became obvious to the average sixth grader that the case was unraveling. Think of “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee with 88 PhDs coming to the jailhouse to lynch Frank Robinson (the falsely accused rapist).

    This case exhibited a complete moral and intellectual collapse on the part of the people who are supposedly the “best and brightest” in our society — elite university professors, NYT journalists, and of course, Nancy Grace.

    These guys were about to have their lives taken away from them. To excuse the hell they went through over the past 13 months shows no sense of proportion.

  23. Al Fin says:

    Racial and gender politics is more important to the 88 Duke monkey profs and the Duke administration than treating students fairly. That is quite clear from the events.

    The 88 monkey professors of Duke jumped on the bandwagon and escalated the circus atmosphere of prejudice through the roof. They and their crusade are largely responsible for the hyperbolic reaction of the Duke University president to fire the coach and cancel the season.

    I used to oppose the death penalty, but no more. The type of prosecutorial abuse that DA’s such as Nifong commit daily earns them the death penalty.

  24. Craig says:

    To Savant
    “They are either hypocrites or have very poor memories.”
    There’s a saying that goes something like; “If you can remember the 60’s, you weren’t there.”
    Your post is spot on! Sometimes I wonder how our nation is going to survive the “best and brightest”.
    This is a great illustration of PC gone wild. I worry about free speech in today’s PC-centric academic world. If you were a student of one of the gang of 88, would you have felt free to offer an opposing view without fear of being labeled a bigot? Or, would it have impacted your academic standing? I don’t know.

  25. thebeef says:

    When you read the “Group of 88’s” letter today, you lose a bit of the context in which it was written. Today, the letter does indeed only seem to address long-standing issues of sexism and racism on campus, and doesn’t necessarily look like a rush to judgment.

    However, when that ad was published, the feeling on the Duke campus and across the country was that these kids were guilty. Duke students were holding demonstrations demanding that the students be expelled—not for a stripper party, but for raping someone. Those lacrosse players were convicted by public opinion—including the opinion of many of their fellow-students and professors—before ANY evidence was made public. When that ad came out, it was but one more thinly veiled statement that: “Those students don’t belong at Duke.”

    I think it is very fair to say that the ad was entirely inappropriate and that the authors need to give an apology, if for no other reason than for their poor judgment of publishing the ad when they did.

  26. tyree says:

    Savant hits a home run with his comment:
    “The “series” conflates incidents that happened before the indicted kids were even Duke students…
    Isn’t that the core of all prejudice, acting against someone because they belong to a group? Why can’t the 88 see that?

    “These guys were about to have their lives taken away from them.”
    They escaped with their lives, but the lacrosse team members still have millions in legal bills to pay off. This case is one of the worse miscarriages of justice I have ever seen.

  27. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    I love Nifong’s statement. His “presence” hasn’t been furthering “the cause of justice” a lot longer than in just the past week. What a self-loving douchebag.

  28. Dondre says:

    Once again Liberals ignore facts, force reality to bend to their intolerant world view, and gleefully harm America in the process. Liberals are the enemy of America.

  29. Duke 2000 says:

    Mike, what Group of 88 statement were you reading? The one I read says:
    “These students are shouting and whispering about what happened to this young woman and to themselves”
    “…and to the protestors making collective noise, thank you for not waiting and for making yourselves heard”

    Yet they presumed innocence. Right.

  30. marty west says:

    They shouldn’t have an extra year of eligibility.

    The lacrosse world is up in arms about this.

    They played more than half their season last year…then something terrible happened…but still they played more than half the season…and it wasn’t the NCAA that cut the season short…it was the University.

    The NCAA let them play…so how is that fair to other teams? It’s not.

  31. Savant says:

    If you are interested in returning balance and freedom to US higher education, get informed and get involved. Try to get a screening of “Indoctrinate U” in your community. They are at:

    Read “Shadow University” by Kors and Silverglate. Prepare to be appalled.


    Keep apprised of what Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is doing at

    The Duke nonsense and the Ward Churchill case at U Colorado are providing a unique look at how low things are getting in “higher” education. Get informed and spread the word.

  32. Michael Smith says:

    Nifong used race to achieve a political victory by playing on the emotions of the Durham black voters. Easily done with the help of the likes of Sharpton and Jackson who make their living off stirring up “race hate” in our country. The liberal Duke professors fell into lock step with these merchants of misery, because of political correctness. Think of all the bile they spill into young brains full of mush while they teach their classes!

    I hope the lacrosse team goes after Duke and wins big!

    I wonder how the events would have unfolded if it was coach K’s team and the girl was white??????

  33. Hey says:

    Yes the LAX team embarrassed Duke because of partying (during Spring Break when they stayed on campus as the rest of the school was down south auditioning for the next Girls Gone Wild video). Uh, hello. This is DUKE we’re talking about. LEGENDARY party school (make it sound like Barney from “How I met your mother”)! The school “I am Charlotte Simmons” was based on.

    Saying “they’re no angels” denies the experience of 75%+ of college students and is the preserve of people who have never gotten laid or are radical queer activists (nothing wrong with being “queer” – being a radical activist is that which is evil).

    Strippers! Oh. My. God. BEER! Jesus. Mary. And. Joseph. Public Intoxication (from a PD with a specific policy to target Duke students and prosecute them for any possible violation)! Good Lordy. NOISE COMPLAINTS! Heavens to Betsy! Or, as like we say in the real world: a good weekend! It’s the life of 90% of young professionals. An exceptionally tame rap video. Keith Richards’ warmup before a good party.

    The good news is that thanks to the ridiculous actions of the Gang of 88 and Nifong, Duke and Durham county are on the hook for simply huge civil damages. Nifong destroyed his prosecutorial immunity by running the investigation (into the ground) and the professors used their positions to put Duke as a body on the record in libeling the players and creating a hostile environment – hoist by their own petard, so very Shakespearean. Duke already settled with Coach Pressler for what must have been a substantial amount of money (discovery is not Duke’s friend, nor is a judgement of unjust dismissal without cause for a top NCAA coach). Rae Evans is wealthy, well connected, married to a senior partner of a major DC law firm, and has a taste for blood that would make Dracula cringe (she is chair of the LPGA and LAX is the ultimate preppy sport – 2 things that are building her bandwagon to crush her family’s tormentors). The bar trial has been fun, the criminal trial will be awesome, and the civil trial will be simply magic – it’s very hard to settle with an outraged mother who already has money.

  34. mcmorris says:

    the reckless assault against justice and truth by nifong and the group of 88 is being exposed for what it was.

    as a michigan alumnus, however, i would like to point out the lingering transgression against both justice and truth in irish trojan itself: what of the phantom touchdown? and wherefor the phantom phantom?

  35. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    I’m not sure how the actions of a corrupt DA and some clueless college professors represent the cause of Liberals. As a left-leaning moderate myself, I have no problem condemning corruption regardless of political motive. I think some Republicans should try a little harder to do the same for members of their own party (aka Alberto Gonzales).

  36. Michael Smith says:

    Of course! How could I have not seen it! It’s Bush’s fault!!

  37. mcmorris says:

    why are the actions of nifong & the group of 88 representative of liberalism? because 1) nifong is a democrat and the duke professors are leftists and 2) the causes of race, class and sexual victimization which drove this corrupt prosecution and persecution are the shibboleths of the left and liberalism entirely. i expect nifong is beset by this question solely: how come clinton got away with it (race and class demogoguery) & i didn’t?

    as i write this, the verdict on nifong is being read. mr. loy, what better time than now for we, the advocats of hard work, integrity and fair play as exemplified by michigan football to receive an apology for the phantom touchdown and an admission that tj, the phantom phantom, is no less chimerical than the egalitarian fantasies of the left?

    if not now, when? if not here, where? with hearts of compassion and forgiveness we await this redress. remember, confession ids good for the soul.

  38. SoDamn Insane says:

    So what you are saying, McMorris, is that pedophilia is a Republican cause because Mark Foley was a Republican.

    Michael Smith – I think the point Mad Max was trying to make that if a person is corrupt he or she shouldn’t be defended by Democrats or Republicans simply because he or she is a Democrat or Republican.

  39. mcmorris says:

    what i am saying is that the sacrifice of the individual on the altar of egalitarian social causes for political gain is the primary distinction between the left and conservatives and informs much of the “debate” from the critique of the french revolution to the issues of social secuity and medicare reform to, more glaringly, the horror at the mass murder justified by fascists, communists andf islamists.

  40. PenguinSix says:

    Wow, that extra year of eligibility will really give those guys some added exposure for the upcoming Pro Lacrosse draft….


  41. Michael Smith says:

    Nifong actions were driven by his own motivations…..getting reelected. He used race, pure and simple, to achieve this end. He played it beautifully…..he just did not count on them being innocent…. Nor did he care. It had nothing to do with party politics.

    The Duke professors formed their opinions based on their own biases. They did not care for the truth either….just pushing their own agenda of political correctness,to balm their collective guilt for past racial injustices.

    This type of “academic” runs our universities today. They sit in their Ivory towers and do not teach, they indoctrinate. In fact, other views and opinions are crushed and opposed.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Fuck it, liberals love to hang Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell around the necks of conservatives, so let the liberals have a taste of what it feels like. They’re all Duke professors now.

  43. mcmorris says:

    ummm, let’s see…. waddles, quacks, yup it’s a duck. now it’s fried duck.

    that nifong was motivated by simple political expediency and the profs by some redemption of academic relevancy does not negate that they were using the tools and causes of the left: state power and social justice. that the merit and innocence of of the defendants as individuals was irrelevant and they were demonized through group identification as deserving of vengence by both nifong and the group of 88 seems a fit example of liberal/leftist excess. now that liberals bring it up. bit tetchy, eh?

  44. mcmorris says:

    now, about that phantom touchdown…

  45. mcmorris says:

    p.s.: mr loy, thanks for the opportunity to vent. best wishes to you and yours.

  46. thebeef says:

    refresh me on this supposed “phantom touchdown”

  47. mcmorris says:

    1979 rose bowl: late in the second half, charles white dove into the end zone for a touchdown. as replays showed, he was stripped of the ball at about the 3 yard line, michigan recovering at the 1. final score: usc 17, michigan 10. nifong would have liked a ref like that! (nice conflation of usc & nifong, purely coincidental, of course, but in some cases, such as JUSTICE, appearances might not be so deceptive.)

  48. mcmorris says:

    i kid you not, like the 3 yard line!

  49. Brendan Loy says:

    I’d never heard of that play before (having not been born yet in 1979 :), but according to this page, the play in question occurred in the second quarter, not the second half.

    Anyway, too bad, so sad. I’ll be sure to play a lament for the 1979 Michigan Wolverines on the world’s smallest violin. :)

  50. mcmorris says:

    i meant the 2nd qtr. let me tell you, it left a young lad disabused of his youthful idealism and facing a hard, amoral world with prematurely jaundiced eyes. no longer the singing turtles of spring, no more the bouncy 2-piece of summer just for him, & facing the 8 mile trudge to school through 5 foot snow drifts in winter with little belief in his butlers avowals “it was a pleasure to carry you, young sir!” no, those days were gone forever.

  51. Brendan Loy says:

    Hey mcmorris, I just thought of something. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll trade you the 1979 Rose Bowl (phantom Charles White touchdown helped USC beat Michigan) for the 2006 Rose Bowl (phantom Vince Young touchdown — his knee was down — and phantom Reggie Bush fumble — it was a forward lateral, dead ball, Trojan possession — helped Texas beat USC).

    Although, I tend to credit Texas, or more specifically Vince Young, with that win, rather than the refs. But I’d be willing to make an exception if the bargain is amenable to you. :)

    [A Domer will now inevitably mention the “Bush Push” in 3… 2… 1…]

    I love sports. :)

  52. mcmorris says:

    maybe there’s a business in this. trading grievance credits like gore’s carbon credits.

  53. mcmorris says:

    there could be something to this. the grivance credit business could be expanded beyond sports: a race discrimination credit for a sex discrimination credit, for instance. those with the most credits reach the everest of moral superiority.

  54. anon says:

    The University’s actions are independent of those of the prosecutor’s office. The University has no responsibility to assume innocense until guilt is proven, particularly when there’s a clear pattern of behavior.

    Some of those incidents? Sure. Colin Finnerty had an assault charge for hitting a kid outside a bar. An NDLS classmate of mine who was a Duke grad remarked to me “I don’t know if that woman was raped in that house, but she wouldn’t be the first.” The lacrosse team notoriously preyed on freshmen, encouraging them to attend team parties, getting them drunk, and paying cab drivers to drop them at the edge of campus. This is, of course, all second-hand information; but from what I’ve heard, I can’t say I’m surprised that everyone just assumed they were guilty. Actually, the sense I got was that everyone figured they’d inevitably get caught in something like this.

    And anyone who thinks it’s outrageous that members of a varsity athletic team were disciplined for conduct in which they engaged on Spring Break, when they were in season, no less, knows little about Division I athletics.

  55. Anonymooose says:

    All I know is that I’m not hiring any black strippers for my brother’s bachelor party. Who knows where THAT might lead!!!

  56. Randy says:

    My earlier comment about Nifong having a good reputation was made by folks “in the know” in NC at the time the allegations surfaced, not the character witnesses at the bar hearing. The Nifong we all saw in this highly publicized case was not the Nifong those folks knew before the case.

    The point I was trying to make in my earlier post was that due to the persons involved on both sides of the allegation (the dancer and the lax players), this thing was going to be politicized by the usual suspects no matter what, ala Tawana Brawley. If the dancer had been white and the men just a bunch of ordinary 20 somethings in Durham, this case would have been a local news story with little politicization involved. But because this case embodied the holy trinity of the left (race, class and gender), politicization was inevitable from certain quarters. This politicization fueled, IMHO, Nifong’s willingness to use the situation to further his political ambitions as well. IOW, if these types of cases aren’t politicized by various factions in the public in first place, then there is no political “hay” to be made by the Nifong’s of the world. None of this excuses Nifong’s ethics violations, but it may help explain the overall dynamics invovled here.

    How many Nifong’s are out there? Who knows. It seems certain to me that a large number of DA’s violate bar ethics when it comes to making public statements about cases and the guilt of those charged with the crime. They are rarely called on it by defense attorneys. The reason being that the defense attorney will have to face those same DA’s in other cases and are fearful of “making waves” that could be damaging to the prospects of other current and future defendant/clients being prosecuted by that same DA or DA’s office.

  57. Mike says:

    thebeef, even if what you say is correct — that by reading the ad today rather than when it was run it loses context in the climate of people having already decided on the guilt of the players — that still doesn’t make the group of 88 “co-architects” of the rush to judgment. Your own argument asserts that large numbers of people were already rushing to judgment when the ad appeared, so I’m still critical of Brendan’s statement about that co-architect status.

  58. DaveP. says:

    anon- I have anonymous accusations and vile rumors here about you. I hereby declare you presumed guilty of a completely different, totally unrealted and completely falsified accusation, based on the contradictory testimony of a known nutball, and wish to send you to jail and have you registered as a felon for the rest of your life. I will presume your guilt even in the absense of evidencce, and will maintain my persecution of you even when the “evidence” I have produced is proved to be lies. Even if you escape conviction, I STILL wish to see that you are publicly branded a criminal, that even though there is proof of your innocence people will still say that ‘they don’t know’ if you are guilty or not, and generally ruin the rest of your whole life…

    I’m sure, given your comments, that you will have no complaints. After all, you’re no angel and probably have done SOMETHING to deserve this kind of treatment.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I fully expect Nifong to be offered a job at Duke by one of the disgraced 88.

  60. Michael Smith says:

    DaveP. You are a poet! :)

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    You know that guy, you always seem to see at the market? Is it possible he is a child molestor? Well, this site will tell you. Why not look him up just to be sure?

    The lacrosse players were not on the site. Where would Nifong be today if he would of read the site on a regular basis?

    Don’t be surprised if I tell you this site is the one used by the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security as well as media to check things. Major airlines express thanks daily that we are there to keep the next group of 9-11 suicide Muslims off their flights. Even though I think religious freedom is important this whole business of Extreme Jihadist Islam is one of the major issues we are facing in the 21st century. I am trying to do something about it!

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    Joel Phillips
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  62. Rhonda Fleming says:

    Believer Of Faith

    I will be calling Mr. Hardin first thing this morning! My family has waited far too long for answers and JUSTICE for my murdered brother!

    We have been given the run-around like a dog chasing it’s own tail, treated like dirt, and DEMAND their be ACCOUNTABILITY, and a TRUE investigation! Only because we are in another state, they think they can say and do whatever they want and are not responsible?!

    I hope other families of murdered loved ones who died under Nifong’s reign of corruption will also rise up and be heard! The legal system came to a halt, cases are backed up to an incredible number, and have been tossed to the side while the parade passed on and on and on!

    There are PLENTY more equally inept officials STILL in office who also need to be exposed and removed! To think Nifong is the only one is foolish. To think there will be any CHANGE is also a farce. Unless there is a COMPLETE cleaning of house, the only honest change will be just a name on a door!

    We live in a world where we read daily of our elected officials and memebers of law enforcement being found guilty from everything to murder, to numerous crimes too many to mention!

    These are people we have elected, and who are supposed to protect us?! What example does that leave for the citizens?! It has made me bitter against the system that I believed to be in place of OUR rights and safety!

    So, if Mr. Harding does nothing, this will just prove to be another example of denial, and more dirt swept under the rug. It saddens me to see him say that Nifong is over, and to not take responsibility for his actions! How can you ever recover unless you admit there is something wrong?!

    The last thing Durham needs is for things to go on as they were! The politicians and officials should be shouting for reform instead of hoping the passage of time will dull our memories……

    I would certainly consider this truly be, “The Worst Of Times!”
    The days and weeks ahead will be the test to see just which direction the city chooses to take. Let us pray they go forward!

    Rhonda Fleming

  63. Rhonda Fleming says:

    I would think this would prove to show further contempt of court, and that Nifong again believes in his OWN “standards?!”
    Another fine example of corruption in office, and is doing nothing but eroding our confidence in not only the government officials “WE” voted into office, but also the government itself!
    Holding an office has become a system where if you are a member, are entitled to do as you wish without consequence! There are 2 sets of laws, one for us, and the other for “THEM!”
    Another lovely fact is the state pays to defend them, meanwhile citizens lose their homes and life savings to have their cases heard! Completely ABSURD!
    I must admit to enjoying the side show! Nifong comes into his appointment by deception, continued in deceptive practices, and is STILL trying to deceive us, and himself! He is truly the epitome of a COWARD!
    Now that he doesn’t have his title to contort and hide behind, he has turned into a sniveling wimp! Hiding his head in the sand and playing his guitar will not change the fact that his avoidance will last only for a season, then his day WILL come!
    Until then he is providing us with A LOT of entertainment, and I am glad to see that he is suffering and frightened! This short taste of his own medicine cannot compare to the deaths of innocent lives of citizens whom he has ignored and defiled!
    He should be so ashamed, and apologetic knowing he purposely almost sent 3 innocent men to jail for years for a crime he KNEW they did not commit, completely ignore murder cases and the entire judicial system ground to a halt for ONE case?! And do we honestly think this was the only circumstance?!
    He cannot hide, nor ignore the fact that he indeed shall reap what he has sewn, and EVERYTHING he did was by his own choice, for his own motives and agenda!
    He is now only beginning to have any sort of pain, AND he is GUILTY by his own admission! Whatever feelings of fright he may have are not near as close to the ones HE was responsible for when they were INNOCENT! The bitter taste of the truthful pill is not nearly as bitter of those of tears of horror and death!
    Nifong is by far alone in his dubious abuses in power, and to NOT hold him LEGALLY responsible is a MOCKERY to the very laws he was entrusted to obey and uphold!
    Rhonda Fleming
    Cleveland, Ohio