I can see the Shire ConCrimPro again

It’s gone. It’s done.

I just turned in my Electoral College Paper, much-hyped and oftquoted here on the blog, to Professor Mayer. It came to 78 pages, 21,563 words — 26,533 including footnotes. (All this for 2 credits!) The title:

A Pragmatic Defense of the Electoral College

Several people have asked already if they’ll be able to read my paper once it’s finished. Well, first of all, although it’s “done” for law-school purposes, it still needs a bit more work before I would consider publishing it. (It’s amazing how naggingly incomplete a 78-page paper can feel when you’re this immersed in the material.) And I do intend to try and get it published — er, that is to say, published somewhere more prestigious than BrendanLoy.com, heh. But I’m not sure what publication(s) I’ll be targeting, and thus I’m (obviously) not sure what their policies are on uploading papers to SSRN during the submission/pre-publication phase. (Once it’s on SSRN, I’d be able to link to it from the blog.) From what I hear, a lot of places are fine with “pre-publishing” on SSRN, but some might not be, and I don’t want to risk having my paper rejected on that basis. So, in other words, I’m not sure. But one way or another, you’ll get to read it eventually (either on SSRN soon, or in a prestigious publication of some kind a little later, or on SSRN much later, once I’ve gotten rejected by enough prestigious publications that I give up and just upload the damn thing :). Stay tuned, as they say.

And now, having spent practically the entire semester earning 2 credits (well, 3, including my other directed-reading paper), I get to learn everything from all the rest of my courses — 13 credits’ worth — in the next 10 days. Woohoo! :)

But first, I’m going home and setting up my newly arrived, still-boxed TiVo (my graduation present to myself). Constitutional Criminal Procedure (the subject of my first in-class exam, on Saturday) can wait; there’s a Sabres game to watch. And rewind. And watch. And pause. And watch. LET’S GO, TI-VO BUFF-A-LO!

P.S. About the paper… once I make the changes I have in mind, but before submitting it for publication, I might need a few “beta-testers,” so to speak, to read the paper over and make suggestions/comments/criticisms/corrections. So if you’d be interested in doing that, e-mail me at bloy[at]nd.edu. (I’ll probably only pick a handful of people, though, so no promises.)

3 Responses to “I can see the Shire ConCrimPro again”

  1. 4-7 says:

    cool. I want to read. All that “popular vote” stuff has always been kind of sketchy to my more constitutional monarchy tendencies.

  2. Murgatroid says:

    Do you plan on targeting law journals or polysci journals?

  3. Brendan Loy says:

    Murgatroid, I’m not sure yet. It’s sort of a hybrid between the two.