Heroic CT DEP rescues escaped pet anaconda :)

The rare News story with a Happy ending :} ~

TORRINGTON, Conn. — A 10-foot-long yellow anaconda that escaped from its owner’s apartment more than a week ago didn’t get too far.

The snake, named Ana, was found alive in the basement of the apartment building on Birge Street Saturday by a state Department of Environmental Protection conservation officer. It had been missing since May 15.

…Officials warned neighbors to stay away from the snake if they came across it, because of its sharp teeth. Authorities were also concerned that the reptile would not survive long because of the cold nights.

Police Chief Robert Milano said possessing anacondas is only illegal when they create a nuisance to other animals

Beauchesne gave the snake, which had its own room in his apartment and ate whole rotisserie chickens, to Massachusetts-based Rainforest Reptile Shows after it was found.

Although the foregoing excerpt is only slightly Constricted, here’s where you can writhe the whole Skinny, unless of course you conda Shed your ancient ancestral Fears & inhibitions. ;>

5 Responses to “Heroic CT DEP rescues escaped pet anaconda :)”

  1. Joe Loy says:

    Leanna says:

    > the Whole Skinny

    Well, yeah, after being on the lam for two weeks, I’m sure he is.


  2. ScottF says:

    Wow, sucks to be a rotisserie chicken in Torrington, Conn.

  3. Alasdair says:

    Hmmm … I wonder where it is a Good Thing to “to be a rotisserie chicken “ ?

  4. ScottF says:

    :-) I’ve found, Alasdair, that my humor sometimes requires clarification. Thanks for mentioning the point I was mocking in my “observation”. FWIW, I did backspace out my PETA reference.

  5. Alasdair says:

    ScottF – then I will apologise … in mitigation, I must point out, however, that I have gotten used to David K on this blog, and that has somewhat conditioned my response … (grin) …