13 weeks, 9 states, 14 games

Rivals.com’s Steve Megargee suggests the ultimate college-football road trip for the 2007 season.

UPDATE: Just for fun, I decided to go through the 2007 schedule and come up with the ultimate Brendan Loy college-football road trip. My criteria were a bit different than Megargee’s, however. My first rule is that I can’t go to the same stadium twice, so that inevitably juggles a lot of my choices. (For example, I picked UCLA @ Stanford over Tennessee @ Cal on September 1 because the latter would mean I can’t go to USC @ Cal on November 10.) I also tried to cram in as many games as possible — so, for example, if there are any Thursday games, I include them in addition to the regular Saturday game, and if reasonable driving distance allowed, I scheduled games on consecutive days. I even threw in a few possible same-day doubleheaders. The end result? At least 37 games, possibly as many as 40. At least 55 different teams, possibly as many as 59. At least one game on every day of the week, at some point during the season, except Monday. And five USC games, in five different stadiums! If only this weren’t purely hypothetical! :) Full schedule after the jump.

Thursday, August 30: LSU @ Mississippi State (8:00 PM)
Saturday, September 1: UCLA @ Stanford (time TBA)
Thursday, September 6: Oregon State @ Cincinnati (7:30 PM)
Saturday, September 8: Notre Dame @ Penn State (6:00 PM)
Thursday, September 13: West Virginia @ Maryland (7:30 PM)
Saturday, September 15: USC @ Nebraska (8:00 PM)
Thursday, September 20: Texas A&M @ Miami (7:30 PM)
Saturday, September 22: Baylor @ Buffalo (TBA)
(Weird choice, I know, but I have a soft-spot for the eternally awful Bulls… and if they ever have a chance to beat a BCS-conference team, this would be it…)
Friday, September 28: West Virginia @ South Florida (8:00 PM)
Saturday, September 29: Auburn @ Florida
(I might be able to do Alabama vs. Florida State at Jacksonville, too, if the times work out. The cities are 70 miles apart. Both gametimes are currently TBA.)
Tuesday, October 2: Marshall @ Memphis (8:00 PM)
Wednesday, October 3: Rice @ Southern Miss (8:00 PM)
Thursday, October 4: Kentucky @ South Carolina (7:30 PM)
Saturday, October 6: Georgia @ Tennessee (TBA)
(This was the toughest week to decide on. Other options include Florida @ LSU, Notre Dame @ UCLA, and Oklahoma vs. Texas at Dallas. The latter was especially tempting because neither of those teams are on my schedule. But I decided to go with the Neyland Stadium experience.)
Thursday, October 11: Florida State @ Wake Forest (7:30 PM)
Saturday, October 13: Washington State @ Oregon (TBA)
(I chose this game because, at least in theory, I could then drive from Eugene to Boise for…)
Sunday, October 14: Nevada @ Boise State (8:00 PM)
Thursday, October 18: Utah @ TCU (8:00 PM)
Saturday, October 20: USC @ Notre Dame (3:30 PM)
(Well, what did you expect? Miami-Florida State?)
Sunday, October 21: Southern Miss @ Marshall (8:00 PM)
Thursday, October 25: Air Force @ New Mexico (9:00 PM)
Saturday, October 27: West Virginia @ Rutgers (TBA)
(I might be able to do South Florida @ UConn, too, if it’s like a noon game and the Rutgers game is at ~8:00 PM.)
Thursday, November 1: Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech (7:30 PM)
Saturday, November 3: Wisconsin @ Ohio State (TBA)
Tuesday, November 6: Central Michigan @ Western Michigan (7:30 PM)
Wednesday, November 7: Ohio @ Akron (7:30 PM)
Thursday, November 8: Louisville @ West Virginia (7:30 PM)
Saturday, November 10: USC @ Cal (TBA)
(I might conceivably be able to squeeze in New Mexico State @ San Jose State (4:00 PM), if USC-Cal kicks off very late. The cities are 45 miles apart.)
Tuesday, November 13: Toledo @ Ball State (7:30 PM)
Thursday, November 15: Oregon @ Arizona (8:00 PM)
Saturday, November 17: Ohio State @ Michigan (TBA)
Tuesday, November 20: Middle Tennessee State @ Troy (7:00 PM)
Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving): USC @ ASU (8:00 PM)
Friday, November 23: Boise State @ Hawaii (9:05 PM)
(I made an exception here to the rule that I can only schedule consecutive games when the stadiums are within a day’s drive, because I know there are direct flights from Phoenix to Hawaii, and surely I could get one in the morning!)
Saturday, November 24: Washington State @ Washington (TBA)
(This assumes it’s a night game, and that a direct flight would be available in the morning. An alternative possibility would be Oregon @ UCLA.)
Thursday, November 29: Rutgers @ Louisville (7:30 PM)
Saturday, December 1: UCLA @ USC (4:30 PM)

Man, that’d be awesome. :) Throw in bowls, and this could easily become a “50 Games Project” — or, hell, a “60 Games Project” — a la Kyle Whelliston. If only I were independently wealthy and had no obligations whatosever from late August through early January! :)

17 Responses to “13 weeks, 9 states, 14 games”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Soldiers ask Lieberman, “When are we getting out of here?’


  2. Jay Johnson says:

    Only problem with Tennessee’s schedule this year is that the good games are on the road, with the exception of Georgia. BTW, we’re going to at least one game this year.

    Go Vols!

  3. alphadog says:

    I dont believe I have ever seen such a list without ND on it. I dont care how green the offense is, its still ND and they still create an incredible atmosphere when playing their rival schools.

  4. Brian Foster says:

    Sorry for going off-topic . . .

    Remember this old gem?


    DC Circuit upheld the law, saying the case was completely controlled by the 1892 SCOTUS case which established the “enrolled bill rule:” the bill as enrolled by the leaders of Congress is conclusive evidence of what the content of a statute is.

    The DC Circuit did not directly say this was a non-justiciable political question, so I wasn’t vindicated. It did, however, note that one rationale for the 1892 case was found in non-justiciability ideas. Granted, that was with respect to whether or not the 1892 case works as a jurisdictional bar, but the DC Circuit held it did not need to take up the jurisidictional question before reaching the merits, when the merits were so obviously and clearly defeated by the 1892 case.

    So in a roundabout way, I was kinda right. Sorta. :)

    Full decision here:


  5. Brian Foster says:


    For those from Prof. Venter’s Legal Writing class, there is discussion of the Totten/Tenet case in the DC Circuit’s opinion. :)

  6. Lisa says:

    Oh god, not the Totten Doctrine again!

  7. Brendan Loy says:

    Alphadog, the article specifically states: “As we put together our itinerary, we didn’t make pageantry or tradition a factor – or else we would have chosen the Army-Navy game and certainly would have included at least one trip to Notre Dame Stadium.”

    Notre Dame gets 5 honorable mentions — Georgia Tech, @Penn State, @Michigan, Boston College and USC — but no top-billing games. Frankly, given the expectations for the Irish coming into this season, and given the explicit exclusion of tradition and pageantry as a factor, I can’t really argue with any of the five games that were chosen over ND’s five honorable mentions. I mean, I’d love to say USC @ ND is the Game Of The Week, but as a pure football matter, does it really outclass Auburn @ LSU, especially when conventional wisdom says the Irish will have at least two, and quite possibly three or four or five, losses by then?

  8. marty west says:

    ND @ PSU should absolutely be on that list….I will be there!!

  9. Jay Johnson says:

    I’m going to make an SEC fan out of you yet, Loy…and your little dog, too.

    **Bassets say “Hey” to Robbie**

  10. Reasonable says:

    “Southern California at Notre Dame: Their last meeting in South Bend was one of the most exciting regular-season games of the 21st century.”

    I’d say one of the most exciting regular-season games, EVER.

  11. USC vs. Nebraska – I’m soooo there!!!

    Welcome to Lincoln all

  12. JG says:

    You need a general email/comments section to your page. Check this out if you haven’t already seen it, I think you will enjoy it:

  13. Lisa says:

    And making up this schedule is helping you study for the bar how?

  14. Brendan Loy says:

    I don’t have my bar study books yet, so I can’t study for the bar.

    Okay, okay, DHL tried to deliver them this morning, and now they’re sitting at the office. I’ll pick them up later this afternoon… but until then, I can still say “I don’t have my books yet.” :)

  15. David K. says:

    Well you should be able to get from Hawaii to Seattle in time for the Apple CUp, even if you have to take a red-eye, and the best part is i could get you tickets so one part of your master plan just became reasonable ;-)

  16. Brendan Loy says:

    Cool. 1 down, 36 to go! :)

  17. David K. says:

    I could also probably swing tickets for Washington State vs. Oregon while i’m at it, and i have some connections down at Stanford i might be able to pull in although that might just be getting the tickets i doubt they’d be free in that case :)