President Obama, the guilt-eraser?

If Barack Obama is elected president, will his ascendancy be “seen as official certification that White Americans Are No Longer Racist”? And if so, can Obama use this eventuality to his electoral advantage, particularly among the “white guilt” crowd? (Hat tip: InstaPundit.)

5 Responses to “President Obama, the guilt-eraser?”

  1. Sean says:

    There will be people who note that he’s half-white and that just proves that America can’t handle a full black man. The fact that interracial couplings have become commonplace will escape them.

  2. Of course not. Because the fifty-some-odd million people who voted for his opponents are still racist, don’tchaknow.

  3. Aaron says:

    I’m not part of the “white guilt” group. If, for example, Obama were to come out in favor of slavery reparations, that would be a big mark against him (reparations being an enormously silly idea.)

    Still, I do think there would be very real benefits to race-attitudes in this country from an Obama presidency. Benefits to black Americans’ view of their place in the culture, benefits to white Americans’ view of blacks in the culture, and (not insignificantly) benefits to the rest of the world’s view of America on race-attitudes.

    It’s obviously not reason enough by itself to vote for Obama, but it is a reason.

  4. Joe Mama says:

    I don’t know, putting the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world out of business might be reason enough to vote for Obama :-)

    Of course, I doubt either of them would stop peddling their bullsh*t just because there is a black POTUS.