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A reminder

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Visited the Grotto this afternoon, and saw this:

Whatever one thinks of the whole We are all Hokies, Orange and Maroon Effect concept, I think that particular mini-tribute is entirely appropriate, as it gets people thinking about those affected by the tragedy just as they’re arriving at an ideal place to be thinking about such things. I bet there have been a lot more prayers said and candles lit for the Virginia Tech victims and their families than otherwise would have been, because of that hat.

Draft Day

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

With the NFL Draft later today, ESPN is comparing last year’s draft class to this year’s, and they just advertised a SportsCenter segment that promises to answer the question of who’s better, Matt Leinart or Brady Quinn.

Umm… didn’t that game already happen? ;)

Jurisprudence in a nutshell

Friday, April 27th, 2007

This is awesome.

I always knew he had a fondness for reds

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Dennis Kucinich’s wife is hot. (Hat tip: Becky.)

P.S. Speaking of Democratic presidential candidates, I love this comment by Wonkette while liveblogging last night’s Democratic debate:

Dodd is just a tool of Big Nutmeg.


I didn’t watch the debate, and probably won’t, but if you want to, you can view it in nine YouTube clips after the jump.


LET’S GO, BUFF-aaah, you know the rest

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Game 2 is underway. Bfloblog has an open thread. Go Sabres!

UPDATE: It’s 2-2 with 12:54 left in the third period. LET’S GO, BUFF-A-LO!

UPDATE 2: WOOOO!!! 3-2 B’lo, time ticking down…

UPDATE 3: Sabres win!!! They survive nearly two minutes of, effectively, 6-on-4 play (a power play plus an empty net on the Rangers’ end), made possible by a very questionable late penalty call that had Lindy Ruff screaming at the refs even after the game was over and Buffalo had won. Karmic payback for the iffy penalty that the Islanders were called for late in Game 3 of that series, perhaps, but anyway the Sabres escaped. So Buffalo survives despite being “thoroughly outplayed for the first 40 minutes,” in the words of the WGR 550 postgame guy.

For your ConLaw II consideration…

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Polygamous lesbians flee Sharia.

As Chris, who sent me the article, put it, “Talk about a suspect class.”

Michiana rocked by possible tornado, deadly car crash

Friday, April 27th, 2007

As noted in comments by Mike Marchand, and also by 1LG on her blog, there was an apparent tornado in Hesston, Indiana yesterday, a small town 20-25 miles WNW of South Bend. I say “apparent tornado” because the National Weather Service hasn’t yet confirmed that it actually touched down, but there was definitely a funnel cloud, and it definitely at least got close to the ground, considering it flipped over a police car as the officer inside tracked the storm:

LaPorte County sheriff’s Detective Shayna Mireles, 32, was tracking a tornado about 4 p.m. Thursday when the tornado lifted her squad car and hurled the auto over a fence.

Mireles was taken to LaPorte Hospital, where her injuries were described as not life-threatening.

Mireles was on Fail Road, near County Road 700 North, according to detective Sgt. Roger Bernard, her supervisor. …

She was tracking the tornado when the tornado lifted up her car and tossed it over a fence into a field, he said.

Bernard said there were no tire tracks on the other side of the fence, indicating that the car was airborne.

The car landed on its top, pinning Mireles inside. Emergency crews worked 15 to 20 minutes to extract her from the car.

The officer’s daughter, Betsi Mireles, said her mother suffered cuts and bruises. “She’s lucky she had her seat belt on,” Betsi said. …

The tornado caused many downed trees and power lines long Fail Road, north of U.S. 20.

The storm also caused a power outage in areas of South Bend, including WSBT’s studios, forcing them to broadcast from outdoors using a satellite truck to get the feed out. Heh.

On a more somber note, the wet roads may have contributed to an awful crash on the 90:

A stretch of the Indiana Toll Road where at least 12 people had died since August 2005 claimed eight more lives Thursday when a semitrailer barreled through stopped traffic, crushing several vehicles in a chain-reaction crash.

State police said the driver of the semi never slowed until he struck the vehicles, which had stopped because of a separate crash near a construction site. Two of the cars were crushed beyond recognition – a van carrying six people, five of whom died, and a Jeep Cherokee in which two were killed. The driver of a pickup truck that was knocked off the road also died.

“At this point, we don’t know the reason. He did not slow down,” state police Sgt. Trent Smith said. “It’s one of the worst accidents that we’ve had up here.”

Euro hits all-time high against dollar

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Memo to fellow 3Ls planning on travelling abroad during the five weeks between taking the bar and starting work: you may want to go somewhere other than Europe.

The euro reached an all-time high against the dollar Friday when weak U.S. growth figures reinforced worries about a widening economic disparity between Europe and the United States.

The surge will not be kind to Americans visiting Europe this summer, who will feel the effect in higher prices for hotels in Rome, entrance fees at the Louvre and cherry beer in Belgium.

Memorial mass for Ryan set for May 1

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Notre Dame’s memorial mass for Ryan Rudd, our classmate who died suddenly of cancer earlier this month, has been set for Tuesday, May 1 at 5:15 in the Basilica. Ryan’s family will be here. (From what I understand, the delay in scheduling the mass was related to coordinating with the family in terms of when they’d be in town.) President Jenkins will preside, and Father Coughlin will be the preacher. A reception in the Law School Lounge will follow.

God, I love Drudge sometimes

Friday, April 27th, 2007


It’s an important question to ask. After all, when they grab you with those metal claws, you can’t break free, because they’re made of metal, and robots are strong.

That clip never gets old.

But of more immediate concern than thievery of old people’s medicine, according to the linked article, is the possibility that someday soon, “your vacuum cleaner might be able to sue you for not giving it a lunch break.” But would your vacuum cleaner hire a robot attorney? Now that’s what I call a “different kind of lawyer.”

Another beautiful Notre Dame rainbow

Friday, April 27th, 2007

My cell phone picture obviously couldn’t do this evening’s rainbow justice… but thanks to the wonders of Calico, I was able to stitch seven vertical photos from my digital camera into this panorama:

Pretty cool, eh? It’s not quite the Golden Dome at the end of the rainbow, but the stadium creates a neat effect, no? Click the image, or just click here, for a larger version of the photo.

P.S. Here’s another view of the rainbow, from a slightly different vantage point, hitting the Joyce Center:

P.P.S. Flogging Molly was really good, by the way. Awesome, actually.

Here’s a photo — or rather, a manually stiched-together pair of photos, technically taken 3 seconds apart, but you really can’t tell — of the band performing and the crowd at Legends going nuts:

And here’s a picture of a guy crowdsurfing:

Pruitt to test NBA waters

Friday, April 27th, 2007

USC’s Gabe Pruitt will declare for the NBA Draft, but won’t hire an agent, so he could return to the Trojans if he isn’t drafted.

At Flogging Molly concert

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

The lead singer just mentioned the new Northern Ireland accord, and when he said Ian Paisley's name, there were scattered boos. Heh. :) But the whole crowd cheered when he said, "After 500 years of fighting, it looks like we might have some f***ing peace."


Thursday, April 26th, 2007

A rainbow over Legends: a good omen for the Flogging Molly concert?

Done with classes forever!

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Now, I just have to worry about exams, bar study, the bar exam, etc. etc. … so, yeah, piece of cake! :)