Milwaukee Envy

I’m not sure where Becky and I will be in mid-August — we have ambitions of possibly travelling overseas after the bar exam, depending on how our budget looks — but if we’re in the States, I fully intend to drag our butts to Milwaukee from August 17-19 for the Milwaukee Irish Fest. Because, man, look at the list of performers! Not only does it include both Tommy Makem and the Barra MacNeils, two of my all-time favorites, but there are just a ton of other big names there too, like Leahy, Aoife Clancy, Gaelic Storm, etc. Totally awesome. (If only Great Big Sea wasn’t going to be in Scotland that weekend, maybe they’d be coming too!) Seriously, if you live anywhere near Milwaukee and you enjoy Irish/Celtic/folk music, mark those dates on your calendar and plan on going, because it should be an amazing festival!!

4 Responses to “Milwaukee Envy”

  1. Dan Port says:

    I’m from there, not sure if I’ll be back during that time but maybe. If you need a place to crash or some tips on nightlife or anything, let me know.

  2. JO says:

    I head up there every year from Chicago. It’s really a great event.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Leahy will be there?