Britney, K-Fed reach divorce settlement

America, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief: there will be no Britney vs. K-Fed divorce battle. I know we’ll all sleep better at night now.

UPDATE: Details here:

Britney Spears has reached a $1 million divorce settlement with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. …

Federline will walk away with much less money than expected because of the airtight pre-nup Spears’s lawyer devised. The final deal also means Spears, 25, and Federline, 28, will have joint custody of their sons – Sean Preston, 18 months, and six-month-old Jayden James.

9 Responses to “Britney, K-Fed reach divorce settlement”

  1. marty west says:

    A mill? That’s it??

    If you ain’t no chump…holla we want pre-nup!!!

  2. Sandy Underpants says:

    Either K-Fed is an idiot, or he has a terrible attorney.

    Maybe both.

  3. Rebecca Loy says:

    Why do they always give her kid’s first and middle names when they talk about them? It’s not like she has two sons- Sean Preston and Sean John or some shit like that. Ugh!

  4. Sandy Underpants says:

    Preston is a rich-sounding name, a well schooled pedigree in a storied line of family wealth. With that being said, I’m extremely surprised her son isn’t named Sean Spanky Spears or Sean Clyde Van Damme Spears. Or something more appropriate to her kentucky fried persona.

  5. Jessica Cowans says:

    “Sean Clyde Van Damme Spears”. HAH

    I seriously spit my drink. Good stuff.


  6. kcatnd says:

    Sean Cletus Jack Knife Spears

  7. MumZ says:

    Cletus??? Is that not a tad over the top???

  8. Adrienne says:

    I think this has to be my favorite coverage of this story:
    I guess K-Fed isn’t a complete idiot…

  9. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    I would have to assume that, as an idiot, K-Fed hired a terrible attorney.