All the transcribed press releases that are fit to print

Mickey Kaus: “Do [New York] Times reporters talk only to the interest group that hands them the study?”

3 Responses to “All the transcribed press releases that are fit to print”

  1. SoDamn Insane says:

    I don’t quite see what the issue is here. The source was Pew using Census data. Pew didn’t give a reason for the increase. The NY Times went to a third party expert who gave a couple of reasons why more immigrants may be becoming citizens. Then Mickey Kaus digs through an archive for a story that is 11-years-old and wonders why the NY Times didn’t mention it. Sounds to me like Kaus is so intent on bashing the NY Times that he is splitting hairs and pulling them out of his ass.

  2. SoDamn Insane says:

    In fact, if you look at the story Kaus highlighted, he is actually arguing AGAINST himself on why immigrants are becoming citizens. If illegals get more benefits than citizens, as Kaus contends, how is that an incentive for illegals to BECOME citizens?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brendan isn’t upset about NYT transcribing Bush administration claims without fact checking.