Florida routs UCLA, again

76-66, final. So it'll be Florida vs. Ohio State in the title game, and Arash Markazi vs. Scott Robertson for the pool championship.

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  1. NDLauren says:

    Ugh. I attended today’s games in Atlanta. The GTown/OSU game’s demeanor was definitely altered on the Oden charge (or lack thereof, as called by the referee) on his missed dunk late in the 2nd. It seemed at this point GTown’s play was deflated and they didn’t stand a chance after that to make a comeback like they did against the Tarheels.
    The Florida/UCLA game was torture. So much blue and orange, so many gator chomps, very poor perimeter defense by the Bruins and equally poor shooting by the Bruins.
    I could be wrong, but I believe Florida will come out on top on Monday. Ohio State has a couple of shooters, but Florida has so many weapons that are playing on top of their games right now that it’s hard for me to see Florida losing.

  2. Andrew says:

    Actually fUTLA played great perimeter defense in the first half, until Billy Donovan figured out fUTLA had no answer inside. Then what you saw was Florida do a lot of passes inside and then kick outside for the trey. In the second half, fUTLA stopped collapsing into the paint and tried to again lock down the perimeter, but Florida went back inside and killed the ‘ruins on the glass and putbacks.

    In sum: The Gators woke up and played up to their ability tonight. All season long they’ve been sleepwalking until they got to this moment, and now that they are where they set out to be, they are imposing their will. That Gator team you saw tonight will go down as one of the most impressive championship teams in a while — which is saying something considering this is supposed to be the age of one-year stars who visit the NCAA galaxy for a brief stay before jumping to the NBA.

  3. Andrew says:

    Actually, NDLauren’s comment reminded me of another gripe I have. In more than a few games, a certain shooter would get hot, and yet the defense wouldn’t key in on the guy who is on fire and shut him down with whatever it takes — as if it’s not worth abandoning the game plan to shut down an unexpected source of offense for the other team. Similarly, there have been times a team’s guy is simply not making shots, and yet the team insists on giving him the ball over and over to get him “untracked”. I just want to smack these coaches and say, “Look — some days the players have it, some days they don’t!”

    Tonight it was obvious Corey Brewer was on fire, and yet the ‘ruins still focused more on Humphrey being the danger from outside. I wanted to say to Howland, “Hey man, Humphrey and Green were the shit last weekend — this week you need to knock out Brewer even if it means laying off Green.” Of course, it didn’t really matter because Florida was destroying fUTLA inside, but IMO fUTLA let Brewer make two treys too many.

    Also, I just want to point out that Aaron Afflalo is the most overrated player ever.

  4. Andrew H says:

    I disagree with the other Andrew’s comments. I thought UCLA had to take away Humphrey at all costs and let Brewer beat you. Sometimes you have to take chances and I’d rather go down with Brewer making 3’s than Humphrey. The 2nd half I thought Humphrey got too many looks and the game got away from UCLA in a hurry thereafter. That said, UCLA probably didn’t have enough offense to win the game anyway. Afflalo had an amazing run of points after the game was decided.

    I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Arron after his heroic performance against Kansas last week though.

  5. Andrew H says:

    I’m also very envious of Lauren and her visit to the Final 4. What kind of seats did you have? Did you take any pictures that you can share? Are you going to the game tomorrow? I would think that would be an easier ticket but maybe not with Florida in the final and being located so close.

  6. NDLauren says:

    Andrew H., the seats actually ended up being pretty decent. Living in Atlanta, I had put some chances into the NCAA lottery last May but ended up empty-handed. I kept my eye on eBay and StubHub but prices still seemed to be too much over face until yesterday morning, when I actually found a pair of club level seats for just over face. They weren’t the greatest seats in the history of basketball, as the NCAA sells too many seats in the massive football arena, but for the price, we were rather happy with where we came out (if it had been a Falcons game, we would have been right about on the 35-40 yard line nearest the court), which translated to being just along the end of the court, on the second level, about nine rows up. We did have a better view of the press area set up behind the court than the court, but we could still see fine and that and being a part of the experience was just what we were looking for.
    My one gripe is that through all my planning, I kindly reminded my lovely husband to bring the camera. Yet, as soon as the MARTA train departed the station, he informs me the camera is sitting back at home on the kitchen counter. So I can finally say I attended the Final 4, and the reminders I have from it are our ticket stubs and the most uncomfortable of seat cushions with the Final Four logo on it that were left in all of the seats that were sold.
    As far as the championship game, UCLA (and all of the other schools) was very well represented with regards to tickets last night, so I would think there should be a few floating around. Honestly though, I’m a huge basketball fan and while I feel like I should make an attempt to look for tickets, I told my husband right after the OSU win that if it became a Florida/OSU final, I would vomit. Fortunately, I did not, but I’m just really not as interested in the game as I would typically be in a championship game. They are both very good basketball teams and Florida is playing especially well right now, and I’m just not sure even if OSU can shut them down to make it a close game. I’ll still probably look around and if I can find a ticket for under face, I might jump on it.
    With regards to the comment on UCLA’s defense, Brewer’s first half shots were exactly what I had in mind. While Florida probably would have ended up beating it anyway, it just seemed like maybe UCLA should have played a tighter man defense. For the first half, no one was warranting any double-teams in the paint, so my thought would be that UCLA’s small men should have stayed out on Brewer and Humphrey early on. Maybe this would have the same outcome and maybe Florida would have turned inside earlier, but alas, what’s done is done.

  7. Andrew H says:

    Thanks for the update Lauren. I hope to be able to attend a Final 4 someday…and I hope that day is the day Missouri takes the court for their first Final 4. I have made a pact with my brother that we will make an all out effort to attend regardless of the location if Missouri ever does make it that far.

    A buddy of mine went to the championship game the year Illinois played North Carolina in St Louis. He had trouble getting tickets but again Illinois was playing in St Louis so tickets were very tough (incidentally he was a UNC fan). I think he paid around $200 for an average ticket. What was the face value of your ticket, if you don’t mind my asking?

    The other sporting event, which is relatively close to your home, that I would really like to attend is the Masters. It’s not going to be this year but sometime soon my brother, dad and I are going to try to make that trip.

    Thanks again for your update. It’s hard not to like Florida in the final but I suppose anything can happen and Ohio St is on a long winning streak. I will semi half-heartedly be rooting for Florida.

  8. NDLauren says:

    No problem Andrew. Face on our tickets was $87 a piece, so really not too shabby. I poked around on StubHub again this morning, and even distant view upper level seats are listed for Monday at a minimum of $175 a piece. There are a ton listed on there though, and I don’t think many people (besides Florida fans) are going to be paying those prices, so my guess would be that there will be quite a few floating around outside the Dome tomorrow evening.
    I don’t blame you on wishing to attend the Masters. It too is something I would love to get over to one day. A few of my co-workers have gone out, even for some of the practice rounds early on in the week and have really enjoyed themselves. I made it out to the Western Open in Lemont, IL a couple of summers ago for the final round and even at this non-major tournament we had a great time. I can think only that at one of the majors so full of tradition like the Masters would be ten times as much fun.

  9. Brendan Loy says:

    Hmm. I should do a post asking for people’s top 5 sports events that they want to attend at some point during their lives. Off the top of my head, I think mine would be:

    1. Kentucky Derby
    2. A first- and second-round NCAA Tournament pod
    3. Super Bowl
    4. Final Four & championship game
    5. Rose Bowl or BCS Championship Game when USC is playing

    Honorable mentions to a USC-ND at the Coliseum (believe it or not, I’ve only ever been to USC-ND games in South Bend), a Gonzaga game in Spokane, and a World Series game at Fenway Park (actually that would probably be in the Top 5 if I thought it was a realistic possibility, but since I don’t expect to be living anywhere near Boston anytime soon, and that sort of thing is impossible to plan way in advance…)

    I should be working on my paper… ;)