Pat Summitt repays Bruce Pearl’s favor

No, she didn’t go topless (thank God)… and no, she won’t be winning American Idol anytime soon, but still… this is pretty cool:

As a native of Connecticut, I’m required by state law to hate Pat Summitt, but still… that’s awesome.

P.S. Don’t miss the shot in the video of UT football coach Phil Fulmer picking his nose.

8 Responses to “Pat Summitt repays Bruce Pearl’s favor”

  1. Pat Summitt is the awesomist basketball coach

  2. kcatnd says:

    Off topic, but new receivers coach at USC.

  3. Pat Summitt ROCKS and you WILL be assimilated eventually, Brendan. ;)

  4. Jay Johnson says:

    Coach Summitt usually starts off her speaking engagements by a somewhat similar version of “Rocky Top” followed by the “Aren’t you glad I’m speaking and not singing today?” line.

    The atmosphere in Knoxville has been just amazing for hoops, where it had been dead for years. It’s nice to see.

    Unlike a lot of schools, it seems that our head coaches actually genuinely have some measure of respect and friendship with each other.

    Oh yeah, and the game was pretty damn sweet, too.

  5. Gerry D says:

    thanks for posting this so I don’t have to sit through the unwatchable sportscenter. That was great.

  6. Suzi D'Annolfo says:

    Pat Summitt is a class act!! She’s an amazing coach and a dedicated team player for Tennessee!! What a great story to see coaches supportinig each other’s programs and contributing to school spirit. How nice to see the positive side of sports!! She continues to be a great role model for all coaches/educators!!

  7. […] night, legendary women’s coach Pat Summitt returned the favor. Summitt made an appearance at the men’s game versus Florida. Dressed in a cheerleading uniform […]