Is Florida this year’s UConn?

I don’t spend much time thinking about the top tier of college-basketball teams (I prefer to watch the bubble and cheer for mid- and low-majors, as y’all know), but I’m listening to yesterday’s edition of the ESPNU NCB Insider Podcast, and all the talk about whether Florida’s late slump is just a minor bump in the road, or an indicator of deeper problems, has me wondering: are the Gators another example of a team, like UConn last year, that probably has the most talent in the country, but just can’t put it together well enough to win the tournament? Hmm.

Alternate theory: the Gators are like the 2004 Huskies, or for that matter, last year’s Gators: a squad that has the most talent in the country, but doesn’t look like it during the regular season, and then rises to the occasion in March and makes everyone else looks like amateurs come tournament time. (Er, well, they’re all technically amateurs, but you know what I mean.)

P.S. Instead of “most talented,” maybe I should say “most dangerous.” Several of the freshman-laden teams might have more raw talent, but Florida’s combination of talent and experience probably makes them the all-around best team in the country, potential-wise. The question is whether they’re actually going to live up to that potential.

3 Responses to “Is Florida this year’s UConn?”

  1. Marty West says:

    I just feel bad for any team that has to go up against Texas A&M as a 2 seed. So sorry them.

  2. Andrew says:

    UConn from 2006 is a great comparison. Florida is undoubtedly the most talented team with the most experience, but the hunger is not there, and rolling all the way to the finals takes a lot of luck. I just don’t think things will swing their way two years in a row considering how unfocused they seem to be right now.

  3. kcatnd says:

    What are everybody’s thoughts on dark horse Final Four teams?