American Idol pool: Week 2

I hope y’all are thinking about your American Idol pool picks after tonight’s show. Who will get voted off this week?

For those who missed it, the object of the game is to correctly pick each week’s cast-offs, and at the end of the show, whoever has the most points (1 point per correct guess) will be crowned the winner. If you didn’t enter last week, you can still enter this week — you’ll just be at a disadvantage because you’ll start with zero points. Then again, a lot of the contestants who entered last week have zero points, and nobody’s got more than two, so it’s not that much of a disadvantage. :) Here are the standings after Week 1:

Mark Gardner 2
Brendan Loy 2
Vicki from NJ 1
Rebecca Loy 1
Melissa Clouthier 1
Jen Featherston 0
Derek Walden 0
Toni Namnath 0
Marty West 0

You can feel free to make your picks here for which guys will be voted off, but it’s probably easier to just wait until tomorrow night, after the girls sing, and then make all of your picks at once.

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  1. Angrier and Angrier says:

    Who knew Chris Sligh had a hot wife? What’s up with that?