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Quote of the day

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Fellow 3L Chris Pearsall, on the name of our bowling team:

Right now we’re choosing between: “OJ was a Trojan” and “Lamont for Senate” – I just want to make sure those are alright with you.


Actually, the team name is apparently going to be “Barbaro’s Glue Factory.” Hey, don’t blame me, it wasn’t my idea! :)

I just wonder if anybody will dare play off last semester’s BLSA/Patty O controversy. Will we see any bowling teams named “Student Carpentry Association” or “P. Dizzle Fan Club”?

Less controversially, I’m sure there will be some names along the lines of “McAlarney’s Dealers” or “Free Kyle McAlarney.” It’ll be interesting to see what people come up with. Last year’s best current-events reference, in my opinion, was the team called “Concerned Alumni of Princeton.”

Personally, I think “4th and 9” would be a great bowling team name, but nobody else seems to agree… I can’t imagine why… ;)

Anyway… Law School Bowling starts Thursday night. Goooo Brendan, Beeeeat 138!

Speaking of whiteouts

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

In looking for pictures of the snow, I came across this photo from one of the ND webcams:

If you look carefully, you’ll see the outline of the Basilica and the Dome. On a clear day, the picture would look something like this:
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Check out this and the other ND webcams here.

UPDATE BY BRENDAN: Speaking of webcams, here’s the live view on LoyCam:


Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Here are some more photos of this morning’s snowstorm. Scroll down for the most recent ones.

The radar view of the system is quite impressive. At 6:52 AM, minutes before the above video was taken, it looked a bit like some kind of lake-effect mini-hurricane:

You can view the latest radar in motion here; an archived version of the 4:13 AM to 10:40 AM loop is after the jump.

[UPDATE, 9:29 AM: From the National Weather Service:





More Kelley news

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

A couple of interesting William Kelley-related tidbits came across the wire this morning, brought to my attention via my Google News Alert for his name. Both relate to Crawford Greenburg’s new book, “Supreme Conflict: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court and America’s Future.” The first one, from a L.A. Times book review, concerns the Roberts nomination:

Roberts, then an appellate judge, had almost been dropped from President Bush’s Supreme Court shortlist after a “brief and awkward” meeting with Bush’s top advisors. Only White House deputy counsel William Kelley’s efforts kept Roberts among the five finalists whom Bush interviewed personally.

So our ConLaw professor is personally responsible for the identity of the current Supreme Court justice. At some level, that’s quite cool.

The second tidbit concerns the Miers/Alito nomination. Apparently, having suggested his boss, Harriet Miers, for the job, Kelley then led the effort to line up a replacement pick once that nomination went sour. The following is an excerpt from the Greenburg book, as reprinted by ABC News:


So, yeah, it’s a little snowy outside

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Southern Illinois @ Butler

Monday, January 29th, 2007

It’s official: as predicted, the BracketBusters game at Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse on February 17 will pit the #13-ranked Bulldogs against Missouri Valley Conference co-leader Southern Illinois. It will be the marquee game of the entire BracketBusters event, as indicated by the fact that Kyle Whelliston, creator of and ESPN’s mid-major guru, will be there. And so will Becky and I, with front-row tickets near the SIU bench that we bought back in November. Woohoo! Go Salukis!

Here is Whelliston’s take on the game:

A dream matchup between two nationally ranked, giant-killing at-large candidates in the place where Hollywood shot the “Hoosiers” title game. Will Butler’s best-in-the-nation ball control vs. SIU’s sticky, sweaty pressure defense produce the best 35-33 game ever? Best to film this one in black and white.

The tip-off time has not been announced yet.

P.S. Incidentally… it’s Loy 1, Lunardi 0. :) My predictions were completely right, across the board. w00t!

P.P.S. David Mihm of The Bracket Blog says of SIU-Butler: “The winner probably earns a protected #4 seed.” I think that’s assuming too much, at least in the Salukis’ case; the Missouri Valley Conference is way too topsy-turvy to assume they’ll win enough games from here on out to make that a realistic possibility. But yeah, it certainly could happen.

UPDATE: A list of all 13 televised matchups can be found on the official BracketBusters site. The schedules will be matched up with the games as soon as they’re announced. I’m guessing the Butler-SIU game will be either the 6:00 or 8:00 game on ESPN2.

The week ahead

Monday, January 29th, 2007

March Madness All Season takes a look at this week in college basketball. Lots of big games coming up.

Mini Me, stop humping the laser

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Today’s “giant freakin’ laser” story is brought to you by Air Force Times.

Progress in Northern Ireland

Monday, January 29th, 2007

In a bid to deprive Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party of yet another Excuse for refusing to join in a coalition government, Gerry Adams’s Sinn Fein has voted to Support its Local Peelers ;} ~

DUBLIN (Reuters) – London and Dublin will push this week to revive power-sharing between Northern Irish Catholics and Protestants after Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein reversed decades of opposition to the province’s law and order system.

Sinn Fein’s mostly Catholic membership voted on Sunday to back a policing and justice system in Northern Ireland that it has long viewed as biased in favour of the majority Protestants.

The landmark vote removed a key obstacle to the restoration of a Belfast-based regional power-sharing government by a March 26 deadline set by the British and Irish governments.

…The IRA killed nearly 300 police officers during the conflict and was responsible for nearly half the 3,600 deaths in its struggle to unite the northern province with Ireland.

While London and Dublin may yet achieve their goal of restoring a regional government in time for Blair’s departure from office and an Irish election, both later this year, the DUP is still far from being on board.

Party leader Ian Paisley has yet to overcome years of vociferous opposition to Irish nationalists on his own part* and signs of serious resistance from hardliners within his party.

“Dr. Paisley’s authority and political direction is under assault within the DUP,” the Irish Times said in an editorial.

However, it noted he had said repeatedly he would “not be found wanting” if Sinn Fein moved to support the police.

[*Let us pray that Dr. Paisley finds the strength to Overcome at least his Own vociferousness :>. ~ the guestblogger]

“Yesterday we did see a piece of history being made,” political analyst Harry McGee wrote in the Irish Examiner.

“With it came an acceptance that it was all over as far as the IRA was concerned, bar the shouting, of course. And be assured, with Ian Paisley and the DUP involved, there will be plenty of that over the next few months.”

Read the whole thing. Also here are two takes, Jan. 28 and Jan. 29, from Radio Telefís Éireann.


Monday, January 29th, 2007

No, really: Heh.

CNN Breaking News

Monday, January 29th, 2007

The Associated Press reports Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was euthanized this morning, according to one of the horse's co-owners. Visit CNN for the latest.

Pub Crawl hotel tip

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

A tip for those going to the NDLS “Chicago Architecture Tour,” a.k.a. 100 Days Party, a.k.a. Pub Crawl…

If you go to and search for hotels in Chicago with availablilty from February 10-11, you’ll find a “4-star hotel in Magnificent Mile Area – Streeterville” for $72. Hotwire won’t tell you what hotel it is until after you buy, but I will: it’s the Hyatt Regency Chicago. I just made a reservation there, and for two people, it ended up costing $88.27 after “taxes, recovery charges, and fees.” That’s still a nice discount from the $148.87 that you’d pay (after taxes) if you went through the Hyatt website. And it’s a great hotel. Becky and I stayed there two years ago for the 2005 Pub Crawl and loved it. Among other amenities, it has the longest free-standing bar in North America! Not that we’ll necessarily need to be visiting another bar, but still. :)

The Hyatt is 3.4 miles by cab from Beaumont, which I assume will be the final stop on the “Architecture Tour.” So, it’s not right in the immediate vicinity, but it’s not too far, either. And there isn’t too much right in the immediate vicinity anyway, at least not within easy (drunken) walking distance.

P.S. As long as I’m extending unsolicited advice to my fellow law students, I just want to reiterate (since this post will be on top of the homepage during class tomorrow morning) my tip about the CitiAssist Study Loan. Most of you probably already know about it, but for any who might not: you can get up to $11,000 to bridge the gap between your spring-semester student-loan funds and the receipt of that all-important first paycheck. More details here; Citibank site here.

Bruins hit a Tree

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Stanford 75, UCLA 68. Wow. I daresay the Cardinal just took one giant leap toward an NCAA Tournament at-large bid. Also, USC’s loss on the Farm three days ago doesn’t look so bad now. Thanks, Bruins. ;)

Next up for Stanford: a home date with Gonzaga on Wednesday at 11:00 PM EST on ESPN. Big, big game for both teams.

The Pac-10 standings are now a complete jumble, with five teams within one game of one another. Oregon and UCLA are 7-2; Stanford, Wazzu are USC are 6-3. It’s anybody’s conference! Whether USC has a legit shot will be determined in the next 10 days. After a home date with Oregon State on Thursday, the Trojans host Oregon on Saturday and then travel to UCLA next Wednesday (the 7th).

Alas, while the news was good for Stanford and, by extension, USC on Sunday, it wasn’t good at all for Tennessee and its mercifully clothed, orange-clad coach, Bruce Pearl. The Vols got creamed by rival Kentucky, 76-57. According to Joe Lunardi, the Vols are currently “the very last team in the at-large pool.” Bubblicious!


Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Becky has been Instalanched.

I may have link-whored her to the Professor… hehe.

(That sounds mildly dirty, doesn’t it? Link-whoring your own wife out! Oh, the Hugh Manatee!)

P.S. She got more than 1,300 hits on Sunday, most of them between Glenn’s 10:37 PM post and midnight. She’ll get a lot more than that on Monday. Stats here.

Snow dog

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

The first legitimate lake-effect snow event of the season (the National Weather Service is calling it “EXTREME,” which should make our resident Buffalonians laugh very, very hard) gave Robbie ample opportunity to run around in the powdery white stuff this afternoon:

As graceful and athletic as Robbie looks when he runs, it’s surprisingly difficult to get a good
still photo of him running; more often he looks like Gollum or… well… like this. But here’s a pretty good shot:

Woof! Whee!

Also, while it’s not exactly graceful-looking, this picture is kind of cool, as you can see how his hind legs are actually in front of his front legs as he launches himself forward.

More photos here.