Go Irish, Beat ‘Cuse!

Can the Notre Dame men’s basketball team FINALLY get a road win tonight? So far, so good: it’s 61-42 Irish over Syracuse at halftime.

UPDATE: Irish win! Yes! 103-91! Finally, a road win! Praise the basketball gods! Hallelujah!

Mike Brey gently reminds his players, “DON’T F***ING DO POT!!”

Up next for the Irish: a game at South Florida on Saturday, then at DePaul next Thursday (the 8th). They return home on Thursday the 15th for a date with Providence.

Meanwhile, updated versions of ESPN’s Bubble Watch and Bracketology are due out tomorrow, so we’ll get a sense of where the professional prognosticators think the Irish stand.

7 Responses to “Go Irish, Beat ‘Cuse!”

  1. domer says:

    103 points on the road? Nutty.

  2. Andrew H says:

    Impressive showing from the Irish tonight. How do you assess the Big East as Jan. comes to an end?

    There are so many teams to consider but here was my thoughts:

    Lock/Near Lock: Pitt, Marquette

    Likely(more work to be done): G-town, ND, Villanova

    Bubble: West Va, Louisville, Syracuse, Providence

    DoubtfuL: DePaul, UConn, St John’s Seton Hall

    No Chance: Cincy, So Fla, Rutgers

    So if you take the 5 at the top, and then maybe there is room for 1-2 more teams from the bubble and doubtful list. I could see any of the bubble teams doing it but probably favor Syracuse at this point? Louisville? You could make a case that Villanova should be on the bubble too since their conference record is so far below Louiville’s but I think it’s more a function of schedule at this point.

  3. NDLauren says:

    That was definitely a good start. I think that may have been the toughest of the three road wins, so hopefully the offense continues to shows up (and we play a little more defense) in the next two road games to go 3 for 3 in this stretch.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I came on this board last year telling all of you that you really had no clue when you were talking basketball and coaches. Loy you consistently called for Brey’s head and equated Brey with the former head coach at USC before Poodle. This year just goes to show had little all of you really know about basketball and how ignorant individuals like yourselves have no business pontificating about sports that you have never, played on a high level.

  5. Rebecca Loy says:

    Anon, fickle. ND wins one game on the road and you’re willing to start lauding Brey as a good coach. Lame.

  6. Anonymous says:

    are you serious…fickle? I have been a fan of brey from the start. I stated last yeat that Brey knew what he was doing, he had a rough patch with injured players and some bad luck…but brey knows his basketball unlike you. I also would not consider this just “one game” that they have won…I think you have to consider that a team has won 18 games has had more than one big win this year. Once again you guys demonstrate your ignorance of the game and really how hard it is to win in the Big East.

  7. Brendan Loy says:

    Anon, how can a comment by one of us demonstrate anything about what “[we] guys” think? Becky and I are not the same person. I haven’t responded to you yet. Therefore, at this point you aren’t entitled to draw any conclusions about me, beyond what you have already drawn from what I’ve said in the past.

    For my part, I disagree with Becky’s comment. She’s obviously being unfair in calling you “fickle,” given your claimed past statements about this (I haven’t checked the archives, but I assume you’re telling the truth), and it’s obvious that your opinion is based on more than just one win. That said, personally, I believe the jury is still out on this season, and on Brey. Notre Dame has a much easier conference schedule this year than the last two years, and until the Syracuse win, they had done nothing in their conference slate, in terms of results, to indicate they are anything more than a paper tiger. Their quality of play was better than last year, certainly. But in terms of results: win at home, lose on the road… pretty typical, nothing extraordinary. Now, obviously, the Syracuse win was huge. If they can continue to win on the road, they’ll make me a believer, but right now, I’m neither a believer nor a nonbeliever — I’m agnostic. Perhaps a cautiously optimistic agnostic, but still an agnostic.

    The reason I was anti-Brey coming into this season (and don’t act like I was the only one, or that every single person who disliked him is “ignorant of the game”) is because I saw the team consistently looking stagnant and clueless on offense and consistently falling behind early only to rally late and then run out of steam (which most people attributed exclusively to “luck,” but while luck clearly played a role, the heinous first-half performances also played a huge role). Both of those observations were completely true, and I stand by them. The primary reason they are doing better this season is beacuse those two things have stopped happening. The team has stopped playing like they’re dead in the first half, and they’re being more aggressive and creative on offensive, and actually running plays instead of standing around the perimeter for 20 seconds and then having the point guard shoot a 3 without ever trying to penetrate, which happened far too often in the last two years (sometimes after a timeout!!).

    Look, it is possible that I was completely wrong about Brey. It is clearly too early to make a final judgment on this team — most of their 18 wins are at home, many of them over teams like Elon and Winston-Salem State; the true test will be in the postseason, and in future years — but if the success continues, if the quality of play continues to stay at the current level or improve, then I’ll happily concede that I was wrong and Brey is a good coach who had a rough couple of years.

    But what I will never, ever concede, because it is categorically wrong, is the statement that anyone who has “never played on a high level” in a given sport, therefore has “no business pontificating” about it. That’s complete and utter crap. There are plenty of people who have intelligent opinions about basketball who aren’t former basketball players — and plenty of people who don’t, who are. Certainly, the average level of basketball knowledge among ex-players is higher than the average level of basketball knowledge among the general population. But that does NOT mean you can make the general statement that anyone who hasn’t played basketball is therefore by definition ignorant of it. That’s just like saying anyone who hasn’t been in the military can’t have an opinion about military affairs, or anyone who hasn’t been a teacher can’t have an opinion about teachers, or whatever. As always, I will fight to my last breath for the proposition that opinions should be judged on their own merits, not on the basis of who the speaker is. If I say something that’s wrong, prove to me why it’s wrong. Don’t tell me it’s wrong because I said it. That’s a copout and a total bullshit way of making your point.