I’m afraid the snow outside isn’t going to be melting anytime soon:


P.S. Speaking of cold and snow, check out these awesome aerial photos of a lake-effect snow band slamming into Buffalo. Here’s one of ’em:


10 Responses to “Brr.”

  1. Patrick says:

    Global warming my ass.

  2. Condor says:

    Take that Buffalo! (I live in Toronto)

  3. Be thankful. Yesterday’s forecasts had potential lows for the weekend of -8º.

  4. Casey says:

    A high of 7? Ha ha ha!!!!!

    “Hey Brendan, how was the weather today?”

    “Oh, it was good thanks. For a while, when the sun was out around mid day, and the wind was calm for a while, it actually got up to 7 degrees!”

    Ha ha ha ha !!!!!

  5. Blame Canada says:

    I love it when people like Patrick use cold weather as a rejection of the global warming argument, exposing his failure to understand the global warming phenomenon.

  6. kcatnd says:

    I love it when people like Blame Canada fail to see through obvious humor, exposing his/her failure to understand obvious humor.

  7. Brendan Loy says:

    LOL… nice response kcatnd.

  8. Rebecca Loy says:

    Where’s my hat tip?!?

  9. Brendan Loy says:

    Actually, the hat tip would go to Fark. I found out about the photos from them first — I had merely been unable to access it (because the site was down), but I was planning to go back and look later. But I don’t tend to give hat tips to either Fark or Drudge, because they’re such huge-traffic sites that, I dunno, I feel like it would be superfluous. Plus I don’t want people to realize how much of my news I get from one of those two sites ;)

  10. Andrew says:

    Anybody in South Bend who goes to class Feb 4-6 is freakin’ nuts.