Bilbo Baggins? Peter Jackson? Sam Raimi? Who cares?

Ropes of Silicon has had enough of all the Hobbit talk:

Why do people care so much about a feature film adaptation of The Hobbit? To go along with that, why would it matter if Peter Jackson directed it or not? Peter Jackson did a fantastic job with Lord of the Rings, but it just seems like everyone is making such a big deal about something that probably won’t happen for at least another two years and who knows if it will even happen then? Now, even the Los Angeles Times is getting in on the silliness by saying that Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is interested. Whoopy Woo! So what?


3 Responses to “Bilbo Baggins? Peter Jackson? Sam Raimi? Who cares?”

  1. AO says:

    Surprised you haven’t written a post about the controversy surrounding OJ Mayo. The way the media has swarmed him for “attacking” a referee is ridiculous. With video and personal accounts now being released we see that Mayo is likely the victim in all this. All of the links are below:

  2. Marty West says:

    That OJ Mayo thing is ridiculous.

    That ref is done for.

  3. Patrick says:

    That ref is a total frickin’ moron. Read Huntington’s coach’s statement. The jerk was clearly out to get OJ. He’ll never ref another high school game.

    Random sidenote, Huntington High is my mom’s alma mater.