Wedding video highlights

Yesterday, on Becky’s and my first anniversary (which was very nice, BTW, and thanks for all the good wishes), I said I would post some YouTube highlights from our wedding video, probably “sometime around midday.” That proved impossible because of technical difficulties (YouTube took freakin’ forever “processing” the uploads) and other issues. But now the videos are finally online for your viewing pleasure.

I’ll start at the end, instead of the beginning, because if you’re going to watch anything, you should watch the first three minutes of this eight-minute collection of highlights from the reception. Why? Because those three minutes contain my parents’ wonderful musical performance of “Galway City,” a silly Irish song that they also performed at their own wedding. Funny stuff. Also in this clip: the groomsmen’s goofy message, the SHA girls singing their school song, Andrew dancing a jig to Great Big Sea, me dancing with Andrew (heh), and various other scenes of dance-floor revelry. Enjoy:

Moving backwards chronologically, here is the video of Becky’s and my first dance. Our song is probably one of the more unorthodox you’ll ever hear as a wedding song: it’s an obscure country ditty called “In Spite of Ourselves,” written by John Prine in the late ’90s for the movie Daddy and Them. We heard it on a country radio station in Kansas while driving across the country during college, and immediately loved it and thought it was a great song for us. It was a big hit at the wedding, as you can tell from the laughter in the background. (Also listen for Becky’s mom saying “WHAT?!?” after one of the funnier lyrics in the first verse. Heh.)

Finally, back to the beginning: here’s a clip showing three key moments from the wedding ceremony — Becky’s dad giving her away, us saying our wedding vows, and the priest pronouncing us husband and wife — all spliced together into 2 minutes, 41 seconds of video. No, the ceremony was not really this short. :)

Like I said before, the whole video can be viewed chapter-by-chapter here (you’ll need to turn off pop-up blockers), or you can view the whole thing in its raw ASX-file form here.

P.S. Several months ago, I posted a clip of our introduction at the reception — to the strains of Conquest. You can watch that video here.

6 Responses to “Wedding video highlights”

  1. Wobbly H says:

    You sound like a woman.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad Becky threw in the “top shelf” there at the end. God forbid we wonder if TZ stuck you guys with the rotgut hooch.

  3. Wobbly H says:

    That was nice of your best man to tell the camera that they all thought you were gay. Although that Irish jig with Long probably didn’t help your case.

    And who’s that piece of ass in the pink dress?

  4. Brendan Loy says:

    You guys are pricks.

    Just so you know.

  5. Wobbly H says:

    I notice you didn’t answer my question.

  6. Jazz says:

    There’s a rumor that the GEICO corporation is looking to develop the tedious “He-got-married-so-he’s-not-gay” bit as the latest in their caveman series.

    First you’d see that clip, then the caveman would come on, scoffing that the routine ceased being clever late in the Paleolithic period.

    Comedy gold.