Happy Anniversary to us!

One year ago tonight, I was blogging this and getting ready for the biggest, happiest day of my life: Becky’s and my wedding day. That’s right — today, Saturday, December 30, is Becky’s and my first anniversary.

In honor of the occasion, here’s something I’ve been meaning to link to for a while: our wedding video, in streaming-video form. You’ll have to turn off any pop-up blockers, or set up weddingdvd.com as an “allowed site.” Also, please note, the “Play Movie” feature doesn’t actually work; you have to play the movie scene-by-scene.

If you can’t get it to work at all — personally, I have trouble in both Safari and Firefox on my Mac — you can also try loading the video directly at the URL http://www.weddingdvd.com/movies/meta/46976_1_gold.asx. That file contains the whole video, all 90-plus minutes of it.

And of course, our full, extremely extensive gallery of wedding photos can be found here, as always.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to us! :)

P.S. I’m working on extracting some “highlights” and uploading them to YouTube, for people who don’t want to wade through an hour-and-a-half worth of video (which I assume is, like, pretty much everyone). So, stay tuned for that. I’ll probably have them online sometime around midday.

15 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to us!”

  1. Melanie Dickson says:

    Wow, cant believe a year has passed already. Congratulations and best wishes for many more happy years together!

  2. V says:

    Happy Anniversary!!
    That weekend was a rockin’ good time. I could use another getaway at that resort. I look forward to watching the video!

  3. Timugen says:

    Happy Anniversary

  4. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Did you save the top of the cake for your anniversary?

  5. Liz Janelle says:

    Congrats Brendan and Becky! It was a beautiful wedding, and I hope your celebration today is just as happy! :-)

  6. Randy says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Wish you both the best!!!

  7. Vicki from NJ says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Joe Loy says:

    Happy anniversary, to be sure to be sure :)

  9. Toni says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    The first year present should be paper.
    But in the modern world I am sure a blog post will do :)

  10. NDLauren says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  11. Leanna Loomer says:

    There’s a yiddish word for people who are meant to be together — bashert. You are Becky’s bashert and she yours :)
    Love to you both,
    Your Jewish Mother
    oxo xox
    P.S. Mazel tov!

  12. Bonnie and Tom says:

    Happy Anniversary Brendan and Becky. We thought of sunny Arizona and your wonderful wedding as we drove Kim to the bus station for the first leg of her trip to London in the snow yesterday.
    Does this mean you aren’t newlyweds anymore? Stay happy!

  13. Sean says:

    Many happy returns!