There are a FREAKING TON of Boise State fans here. Maybe ten of 'em for every Oklahoma fan. Unbelievable turnout for the folks from Idaho.

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  1. C. Bassett says:

    And there were still enough Boise State fans to fill up the majority of Bronco Stadium for the MPC Computers Bowl tonight(not too many came from Nevada or Florida). BSU fans have managed to make two bowl games happy this season.

    As a Boise State fan, I was worried in the days before the BCS bowls were announced that Boise State fans wouldn’t very impressively, but they have. Now if they can just leave with favorable memories of University of Phoenix Stadium…

  2. Wobbly H says:

    I hope so too, Clayton. I’m a BSU bandwagonner.

  3. C. Bassett says:

    hah Did you remember my name or search for it? It was only used on this site during March Madness.

    I’ve been a BSU fan for quite a while. I grew up around it. Played around on the blue turf in 8th grade. I fondly remember coach Pokey Allen, who died of cancer. Which led to Houston Nutt and Dirk Koetter having opportunities as BSU’s head coach.

    Boise State’s been pretty good at all levels that it’s played at, with a I-AA championship under its belt before hooking up with I-A. Numerous Big Sky championships, a couple Big West championships and five too easily earned WAC championships since joining the conference in 2001. Hawaii looks set to surpass Boise State next season(and probably only for one season), but I’m not jumping ship.