Jackson may concede to will of Daily Trojan staff

Just got a brief e-mail from a staff member about a meeting with Dr. Jackson that took place earlier today. He writes:

Long story short, write in campaign for Fox will commence tomorrow and Jackson says he won’t reject the nomination a second time, provided Fox is open to a discussion and gradual implementation of any ideas, with the consent of the Media Board.

Stay tuned for a fuller account later.

Initially, at least, this reported change of heart by Dr. Jackson raises the question of why a second election is necessary, and indeed, why the result of the second election should be respected if, hypothetically, Fox doesn’t get enough write-in votes to win it. The will of the Daily Trojan staff was clearly expressed once — why the need for a revote? If Dr. Jackson is willing to do the right thing and recognize Fox, why not cancel tomorrow afternoon’s charade and just recognize him?

But in any event, this sounds like progress… or rather, like furious backpedaling by the administration, stung by all the negative attention it’s been (quite justifiably and predictably) getting for this. I hadn’t noticed until a few hours ago, but the AP has picked up on the story, so in addition to numerous angry letters from students, alumni, faculty and parents, the administration is getting tons of bad press, too. And we all know how much USC loves bad press. I wonder if Dr. Jackson got orders from a higher authority to change his tune? Hmm…

Anyway, stay tuned. I’m going to bed now, but I’ll definitely update this story in the morning. I’ll also link to the Harvard Crimson article, assuming it went forward. Oh, and by the way, the revote is scheduled for noon PST (that’s 3pm EST) tomorrow. (Here again is the Facebook event.) If any DT staffers are reading this: Re-re-elect Zach!

P.S. Anyone with information, please send updates to bloy [at] nd.edu!

2 Responses to “Jackson may concede to will of Daily Trojan staff”

  1. Texasyank says:

    Something that had been rattling around in my brain: the throught of the Thursday night UCLA rally, complete (in my day) with Otis Day and the Nights, and the DT occupying such a prime perch with its balcony that signs needed to be posted banning all non-staffers from the city room.

    /old fart memories.

  2. Rebecca Loy says:

    Fuck the media board. The DT shouldn’t need the consent of the friggin media board to change their internal operations.