Harvard Crimson seeking DTers for Zach Fox story

Just got this message on my Facebook page:

My name is Erin Riley and I am a reporter for the Harvard Crimson writing a story on Zach Fox’s resignation. I really need to get in touch with someone today to discuss reactions of Fox, staff at the Daily Trojan, and other students.
1. How have students across campus reacted?
2. How has the staff reacted?
3. What losses do you think come to the paper as a result of the resignation?
4. How will the climate of the Daily Trojan change after the decision of the board?
5. Are there any follow-up actions being taken?
6. What was Fox attempting to change about the paper?
7. Why do you believe Jackson was so averse to the appointment of Fox?
My paper deadline is this afternoon. If I can get responses from as many people as possible on this I would really appreciate it.
eriley [at] fas.harvard.edu

I’m not sure how many other people Erin has contacted, but — staffers and alums alike — if you have something to say to her, you may want to shoot her an e-mail.

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