Dan Monson resigns as Minnesota coach

Just seven games into the season, Minnesota coach Dan Monson has resigned. The Gophers are 2-5, and lost at home to Clemson yesterday, 90-68.

Monson was the head coach at Gonzaga from 1997-1999. In ’99, he led the Zags to their first NCAA Tournament win — over Minnesota, oddly enough — and a Cinderella run to the Elite Eight. He then left for Minnesota, and his former assistant Mark Few took over. Few has been Gonzaga’s coach ever since.

They’re talking about Monson’s departure from Minnesota over on the Gonzaga message boards.

Speaking of the Zags, they’re leading 37-29 at halftime over Portland State.

UPDATE: Zags win. But man, you know you’re playing a weak opponent when the lead paragraph in the article about an 18-point victory is:

Gonzaga was held 13 points below its average, shot just 41 percent and was nearly outrebounded for the first time this season.

Seriously, that’s the whole first paragraph. Only in the second graf do we learn that the Zags won the game! Heh.

It really was a subpar performance, though, apparently. Said star Josh Heytvelt: “You are always happy to get a win. But there are always things to work on after a game like this. Even in warmups some guys had a dead look in their eyes.” Coach Few added: “I don’t think we ever felt that comfortable with any facet of that game on either side, offense or defense.” La Rev puts it even more bluntly: “Raise your hand if you remember a sloppier and crappier Zag game. … That sucked kind of bad. The first two minutes were about as exciting, face paced, and smooth as you’ll see. The next 38 were the worst. On almost every level. Seriously, it sucked.”

Regardless, Gonzaga’s home winning streak is now at a rather astounding 44 consecutive games.

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