Sullivan ties Rubin atop USC contest

Here are the latest Notre Dame prediction contest standings and the latest USC prediction contest standings.

Gahrie still leads the ND pool. In the USC pool, nobody except Brian Kiolbasa — who picked USC to go 1-11 on the season — predicted that the Trojans would lose to Oregon State, but Sean Sullivan, who predicted they would win by just 9 points, has now moved into a first-place tie with previous leader Josh Rubin, who predicted they would win by 24 points.

Scenarios for Saturday’s games after the jump.

If ND wins by 18 points or less (or loses), gahrie leads.
If ND wins by 19, it’s a tie between gahrie and Steve C.
If ND wins by 20 or more, Steve C. leads.

If USC wins by 6 points or less (or loses), Rubin leads.
If USC wins by between 7 and 21 points, Sullivan leads.
If USC wins by 22, it’s a tie between Sullivan and lex icon.
If UCS wins by between 23 and 28, lex icon leads.
If USC wins by 29 or more, C. Bassett leads.

3 Responses to “Sullivan ties Rubin atop USC contest”

  1. BK says:

    So, let’s just say USC loses to Oregon, Cal, ND, and UCLA. ND keeps winning and runs the table. Suddenly, someone doesn’t look so silly.

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brendan!

  2. Brendan Loy says:


    If USC “loses out” (including a loss to Stanford), you would finish with a prediction record of 7-5, good for ninth place. Thebeef would win with a prediction record of 9-3.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That Brian Kiolbasa guy is really SMRT!