Herbstreit and Poopsie, sittin’ in a tree?

So, over the weekend, I’m perusing the Notre Dame page of the AOL Fanhouse blog when I notice an intriguing headline pop up on “The Word”: Kirk Herbstreit Calls Erin Andrews “Poopsie”. I think to myself, “Yeah, I think I remember hearing that, and wondering, ‘What the hell?'” So I click the link. It says:

Kirk Herbstreit took time out of [Thursday’s Tigers-Cocks game] broadcast to apologize to South Carolina fans for wearing an orange tie. He said his wife chose the tie and had no idea what teams were playing tonight. Of course, he may just have to apologize to his wife for the sorta-flirty-and-intimate reference to sideline reporter Erin Andrews as “Poopsie”.

Not much information there. A bit of Googling, however, brings me to this post with more details and, uh, analysis of the situation:

After watching the Thursday night game between Auburn and South Carolina, I decided enough is enough. Let’s get it out there and see a show of hands – who thinks Kirk Herbstreit and Erin Andrews are getting it on? Herbstreit has been married since 1998, has 3 year-old twin boys, and a house just north of Columbus, OH. Week after week, his poor wife must witness the endless flirting on national television. In fact, I almost felt obligated to hop in the car and drive to Columbus to console and maybe sleep with his hot wife when I heard Herbstreit say to Andrews, “Poopsie, you should get back in the tent.�

Further Googling reveals that this is hardly the first time the blogosphere has engaged in shameless, gossipy Herbstreit-Andrews speculation. For instance, more than three weeks ago, Mark May Be Wrong discussed the “over/under” on “the number of times Kirk bangs the bejesus out of Erin Andrews after one of their Thursday Night games.” Hurrah for new betting opportunities! :) But the most extensive Kirk-and-Erin talk that I could find was at Barstool Sports, which has a whole discussion on the question: “Do you think Kirk Herbstreit is banging Erin Andrews?”

Now, let us all collectively wag our fingers at this awful blogospheric intrusion in the private lives of poor Mr. Herbstreit and Ms. Andrews… and then gossip about them in comments. :)

3 Responses to “Herbstreit and Poopsie, sittin’ in a tree?”

  1. Andrew says:

    I like Lindsay Soto better. And Erin’s lipstick in that picture is gawdawful. Isn’t she cute enough to go without makeup?

  2. Excellent investigative journalism here, Brendan. I still have no idea if they’re sleeping together, but it sure is funny that he calls her Poopsie. Seriously, I bet she SO wanted to kill him after that broadcast. You know, in like a really flirtatious way.

  3. t marsahall says:

    I really hope before i die that the talking heads at espn fire you sorry political butt. the people that wanted you to leave columbus were right on. move to calif. or new york where you belong. you belong in congress!!!!!