Crikey! South Park mocks Irwin

South Park, doing something in bad taste? I’m shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED!

12 Responses to “Crikey! South Park mocks Irwin”

  1. Angrier and Angrier says:

    When the Hell did Steve Irwin become more sacrosanct than Jesus?

  2. Brendan Loy says:

    Dude, Jesus died, like, 2,006 years ago… that’s such old news.


  3. Sandyunderpants says:

    Just don’t joke about Mohammad or we’re all screwed.

    Almost as dangerous as voting for a democrat.

  4. SBSquare says:

    I thought the steve irwin costume idea was funny. Any celebrity death is fair game, it’s sick but true. I mean come on. If I still see bloody Princess Di’s with a steering wheel around the neck, I’m pretty much expecting to see anything.

  5. Russ says:

    My favorite costume was John Denver, Mickey Mantle and JFK Jr as close seconds. Di would have been funny, but I couldn’t pull it off. I wanted to be croc hunter this year [Idea three days after he died], but the wife said no way. It’s a pagen holiday honoring the dead, we should treat it as such.

  6. David K. says:

    I personally am not a fan of South Park, I think the show is crude and distasteful, but i also respect it for the position it takes towards free speech and well, thumbing their nose at being politically correct.

    That said I think they have gone way too far this time. Its one thing to lampoon celebrities and political issues, its another to mock the death of Steve Irwin so soon after it happened. Do i think they should never be allowed to bring it up? No, but i think we are still in that stage of too soon.

    I respect their right to free speech, and will gladly defend it, but i think Parker and Stone have shown what classless assholes they are yet again with this stunt.

  7. Angrier and Angrier says:

    What’s wrong, David. Got a stingray up your ass?

  8. V says:

    When I first read the article, I was a little shocked. I thought “This is wrong.” But then I looked at the still of Steve with the stingray in his chest and laughed. I’m going to hell…

  9. Wobbly H says:

    Did Saddam and Satan break up?

  10. Rebecca Loy says:

    A and A, LOL! HAHAHAHA! Seriously. Tres funny.

    V, I’ll be right next to you in hell making fun of everyone else. ;)

  11. Andrew says:

    Ditto on the lol for A&A’s comment. I almost spit dried crusty boogers out of my nose when I read that.

    By the way Becky, thanks for the cold. Grrrrrr. :-P

  12. Beavers = 33, USC = 31, Sandy Underpants = Stupid

    Welcome to the land of the one-defeated.

    Who is the lamest post-Rose Bowl team of them all?

    Texas 41, USC 38