Beat Boilers! Beat the Cougars!

Before we focus all our attention on today’s games, let’s take one final look (or rather, listen) back to last week’s incredible Irish comeback at Michigan State. Everybody’s been sending me this hilarious audio clip of a Spartan radio guy totally melting down on the air talking about the ND-MSU game, so I finally listened to it, and it was definitely worth it. Heh. Best line: “What the hell are you doing in the shotgun in a monsoon? You’re asking Drew Stanton to run the option in Hurricane Katrina!” LOL!

Now then… about those Purdue Boilermakers and their dumb-ass drum. Game previews from around the Domersphere: Kanka Sports, Kelly Green, Irish Insights, The Blue-Gray Sky, Her Loyal Sons, Rakes of Mallow, Domer Law Blog, and Domer Law Blog again.

Meanwhile, in the Trojansphere, Conquest Chronicles and TrojanWire preview the USC-Wazzu game, which, alas, will not feature Dwayne Jarrett. I saw on ESPN earlier that Kirk Herbstreit thinks the Trojans had better come to play, because the Cougars are capable of an upset — though he admits it’s a “longshot.” One possible reason to worry: the game is on TBS, and the Trojans don’t tend to do well on TBS.

Oh, and considering USC and Notre Dame are both playing today, I’d better post last week’s update to the Irish Trojan prediction contests. :) In the Notre Dame contest, not much changed from last week; gahrie is still on top. In the USC contest, however, Coach Leahy has taken the lead. So, a Trojan leads the ND contest and a Domer leads the USC contest. Heh.

Looking ahead, Coach Leahy’s fortunes will rise or fall with today’s game, as he is the only contestant (outside of Brian Kiolbasa’s facetious picks) who picked USC to lose to Wazzu. On the ND side, nobody picked Purdue; indeed, nobody even predicted a single-digit margin. The average MOV prediction is 19 points. (Of course, all these picks were made back in the pre-9/16 era, when Brady Quinn was the consensus Heisman favorite and Notre Dame was #1 in the country…)

10 Responses to “Beat Boilers! Beat the Cougars!”

  1. Aaron says:

    Beat the Wildcats!

    Hey, that was fun.

  2. Ok I know Purdue is 99.9% likely to lose to the Irish today I accept that, I don’t like it, but accept it… but come on now. DON’T DISS THE DRUM…. I like your site and I appreciate the “Love” over on your Hurricane Blogroll.
    You can make fun of Pete and the strange inflatable mascot Rowdy. I mean you could make fun of the Boilermaker Special but it could run over the The Leprechaun. But leave the Drum and the Band out of this. As you might have guess Band Alum here and my first ever college marching experience was at Notre Dame Stadium in 1996. We lost and we lost big… But anyway… Just a friendly request. It isn’t going to be a fun game to watch and I have already accepted at least a 21 point loss. Hey Boilermaker fans do better when expectation are low… Thanks Brendan

  3. ditto what my hubby just said!

  4. Jason Gilman says:

    I think if my Cougars play their A game and USC plays a C game or worse it might be close, but I think the odds of that are slim to none. The Cougs have some talent on both sides of the ball, but nowhere near the SC depth and overall talent. Furthermore it’s a balmy day in Eastern Washington today so there’s no advantage there, but it’s glorious weather for football. I’m sure Martin Stadium will be packed.

  5. David K. says:

    Why not diss the drum!?! Its a blatant lie, its no where close to being the biggest drum in the world

  6. You can “Diss” the drum. But I think it is a matter of respect. Although I am not a Notre Dame fan and I will more than likely always root against the Irish I respect their traditions. That is truley a sight to see at any game at Notre Dame. The Big Bass Drum and on the Drum it says “World’s Largest Bass Drum” There is a story behind the label and it is part of our history and tradition. That’s all…

  7. Andrew says:

    I think if my Cougars play their A game and USC plays a C game or worse it might be close, but I think the odds of that are slim to none.

    That’s exactly what happened. Good call!

    One possible reason to worry: the game is on TBS, and the Trojans don’t tend to do well on TBS.

    The TBS connection hides the true connection between those losses: The game at Stanford was a classic trap game, the game at WSU was a classic tough away-game conference opener, and Kansas State was a tough OOC game in a cozy, loud opponent’s stadium. Home games at the LA Coliseum just don’t show up on TBS, they show up on ABC or Fox Sports Net.

  8. Jason Gilman says:

    Yeah, that was kind of crazy. I hope the Cougars can bring it like that for the rest of conference play.

  9. David K. says:

    I beg to differ, it most certainly says “World’s Largest Drum”.

  10. your right I stand corrected, in the band we just call it the BBD… Big Bass Drum…

    I am not looking for a fight or an argument. I am proud of my school the tradition of the band and if on my site I started to bash Notre Dame and their tradition and icons or any other school for that matter then I would expect people to react the same way I did.

    Here is the story on how the drum got the title “Worlds Largest”

    I mean no disrespect. If you think the drum is “Dumb-Ass” as Brendan said then fine.

    In rivalries it is fun to make fun of the other side. I understand… At least we aren’t as pathetic as Indiana University