And now…


No score yet, early in the first quarter. Gamecast here.

UPDATE: Wazzu struck first with a field goal, but then USC got an awesome kickoff return for excellent field position, and took advantage of it with a perfect, lightning-fast offensive drive, the likes of which we haven’t seen since last season, for a touchdown. 7-3 Trojans.

The game is on TBS, by the way. That’s Channel 22 here in South Bend.

UPDATE 2: It’s 14-12 USC at the half. Wazzu cut it to 7-6 with another field goal, then USC went up 14-6 with a TD, then Wazzu scored a touchdown in the final minute, but failed on the two-point conversion. So the Trojans lead by 2. The much-ballyhooed defense is looking decidedly ordinary thus far, except inside the red zone, where they’ve held the Cougars to two field goals and one hard-earned 3rd-and-goal touchdown.

If I were a Cougar fan, I’d be happy that my team is in the game, but also concerned that we didn’t take fully advantage of our red-zone opportunities. A 21-14 lead over USC would be a lot better than a 14-12 deficit (obviously). You gotta take advantage of your chances when you get them against the #2 team in the country, especially given USC’s well-deserved reputation for Pete Carroll Second Half MagicTM.

But, that said, the Trojan defense is going to need to toughen up, or else this is going to be a competitive game right down to the end.

Meanwhile, the night’s marquee game, #1 Ohio State at #14 Iowa — this week’s only battle of unbeatens — is underway in Iowa City (and on ABC). The Buckeyes lead, 7-3.

Speaking of unbeatens, Virginia Tech, Purdue and Texas A&M lost today, reducing the Elated Eighteen (formerly the Nifty Nineteen, prior to TCU’s loss on Thursday) to a Fickle Fifteen. Why fickle? Because it won’t stay that way for long: soon the list will be down to 14 at most, after the Iowa-OSU game, and it could fall further, with Houston trailing Miami in the fourth quarter, and various others (USC included) still in action or yet to play.

UPDATE 3: Trojans now up 21-12.

Also, Houston just lost. So, we’re down to 14 unbeatens. Will it be a Lucky 13 by night’s end (once Iowa-OSU ends), or will someone else (namely USC, Michigan or Georgia) also lose?

3 Responses to “And now…”

  1. gahrie says:

    It’s on TBS in So Cal.

  2. Brendan Loy says:

    Yup, here too. By linking to the Gamecast, I wasn’t implying that I’m not watching the game. I am. :)

    Go Trojans! Nice quick TD drive there. For the first time all season, it felt a little like ’04 or ’05 again…

  3. Andrew says:

    Ugh, TBS needs to get HD going. Not that I’m spoiled by my parents’ new HD DLP TV or anything….