Ernesto nears N.C.

Ernesto is almost ashore near Cape Fear, North Carolina. But will he make landfall as a tropical storm, or as a hurricane? We’ll find out in a few minutes, when the 11:00 PM advisory from the NHC comes out.

Hurricane Track has more, including video reports from the strike zone.

UPDATE, 10:45 PM: Nope… still a tropical storm. The Hurricane Watches remain up, but I don’t see how Ernesto can realistically strengthen to a hurricane at this point. He’s already halfway ashore!

One Response to “Ernesto nears N.C.”

  1. PenguinSix says:

    The wind here on the Chesapeake Bay has picked up in the last few hours, as one of the first outer bands past overhead. Not sure if it was just a random one because we are still pretty far from the eye.

    I took some video of the waves that I’ll post to Youtube later. Today we could see much rougher water I suspect. Will have to police up some loose things from the yard if the winds stay hi. Sounds pretty loud out there, but not as bad as Isabel…yet.