A musical month ahead

Regular readers may remember a previous post in which I sung the praises of the country band Sugarland, and lamented that they weren’t touring anywhere near Phoenix over the summer. So you can imagine I was delighted to discover that they’re playing this Friday in Milwaukee, which is close enough to South Bend that I can plausibly call it “driving distance.” Yeah, it’s a long way to go for a concert — but hey, it’s a holiday weekend (although, don’t tell the law school schedulers that!), the tickets were only $15 a pop, and the concert features both Sugarland and Brooks & Dunn! So, what the heck? Why not? Maybe we can make a day of it, and tour the Miller Brewery before heading back on Saturday. :) (Seriously, anyone with suggestions about things to do in Milwaukee, leave ’em in comments!)

Even better than that, though, was my discovery on Friday that Tommy Makem is coming back to Notre Dame! He’s playing at the DPAC on the Friday before the Michigan game. Makem has been a lifelong favorite (of my dad’s, and subsequently, of mine too), and last fall I had an awesome time at a Makem concert at DPAC — but the plan was so last-minute that I was unable to drag Becky along. This time, I’m prepared, and tomorrow I plan to call the box office and order two tickets. I’ve also added the concert to my list of countdown dates at left.

Alas, the timing of the Makem concert means I won’t be able to see the Surreal McCoys in their return visit to South Bend, at Club 22/JT’s Sports Bar and Grill that same night (opening act from 7-10, McCoys “to follow”). And another “alas” for the timing of the Barra MacNeils’ visit to Chicago the next day, which conflicts directly with the ND-Michigan game. (The concert is from 1:50 to ~3:00 EDT, the game starts at 3:30 EDT, and it takes 2 hours, on a non-football day, to get from Chicago to South Bend.) I’m really bummed about that, since the Barras — unlike my other favorite Maritime Canadian band, Great Big Sea — so rarely tour in the States. But I ain’t missing the Michigan game!!

Still, I’m really excited about Sugarland, Brooks & Dunn and Makem. It’s going to be a fun few weeks of music!

15 Responses to “A musical month ahead”

  1. Mad Max, Esquire says:

    Musical recommendations coming from a guy who didn’t know who Kenny Loggins is and hated him when he heard him. I don’t know…

  2. Brendan Loy says:

    Three words:

    Age of Pooh.

  3. Brendan Loy says:

    Correction… “Days of Pooh.” Sorry.

    (Actually, the full lyrics, as performed at the Hollywood Bowl, are “Back to the days of Pooh, woo woo woo woo woo.”

  4. Brett says:

    You’re in for a great show. I saw the show in Chicago last weekend. Brooks & Dunn were the penumltimate showmen (as usual) and Ms. Nettles and gang could have been headliners themselves.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You know what penultimate means, right?

  6. Kristin says:

    WOW!!! I envy you SO much! I love Brooks and Dunn, and Sugarland isn’t bad either. ;) Hey Brendan, what time are you leaving on Friday? Any way I could tag along and pitch in for gas?

  7. DrawingDead says:

    I take it that B&D were the next to last act in the show. Simple enough.

  8. Jazz says:


    With the Avalanche Bar (the best dive bar on the planet) sadly closed the last decade, the next best recommendation would be Major Goolsby’s. Here’s some info:


    If you are in Milwaukee the first weekend of the college football season, jonesing for sports stimulation, you can do a lot worse than Sports Illustrated’s 4th best sports bar in America.

    And if you’re with mixed company, Major Goolsby also works – it has the obligatory panorama of big screen tvs, but in a less in-your-face way than some other classic sports bars.

    By the way – I have to laugh at the Miller Tour: several of my Marquette buddies and I used to drink free that way on many a Saturday afternoon…

    …ah the memories :)…have fun!

  9. aeromusek says:

    Haha, 185 miles? That’s nothing! ;-)
    I went from Denver to Akron once, for a two hour concert, and then right back home again. That was about ten times as far, but I’m really nerdy. It was only a classical pianist too.
    Anyway, I hope you have a good time!

  10. Brendan Loy says:

    Kristin, I’ll shoot you an e-mail. :)

    Jazz, thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t yet made the connection between 1) being in Milwaukee on Saturday and 2) Saturday being the first day of the season, though of course I would have eventually. Hmm, yes, I’ll need a place to watch ND-GT (on ABC) and USC-Arkansas (on ESPN). So that means either we have to be back in South Bend by 8:00 PM, or we have to go to Major Goolsby’s or someplace similar. I’m guessing Becky will vote for being back home by then, but we’ll see. :)

    On a side note, this Saturday will probably be the only time all season that I’ll be flipping back and forth between the Irish and the Trojans. Usually they don’t play at the same time — ND games are generally early, USC late — and on the one other occasion where they do play at the same time (well, excepting the game against each other, obviously), Sept. 23, they’re both on ABC, so I’m pretty sure the choice will be made for me, and I’ll be watching ND-Michigan State, not USC-Arizona. (Humbug!)

  11. Andrew says:

    Isn’t Pabst Blue Ribbon also made in Milwaukee? If you want to get in touch with your blue-collar Dem roots, that might also be a good tour to take. :-P

  12. Fourstringer says:

    Jennifer Nettles is HOT!

  13. isuquinndog says:

    You could see if the Brewers are in town if you like baseball (which you did at one point).

  14. Alasdair says:

    Somehow, this seems appropriate for this post …

    “We hear that fans at a Barry Manilow concert were charged after holding up their cigarette lighters during one of his ballads. Apparently police regarded it as an inflammatory gesture.”

    From the Glasgow Herald, Online Edition today …

  15. Brendan Loy says:

    Those police officers really need to go back to the days of Pooh.

    Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo.