CNN Breaking News

The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Ernesto’s top sustained winds have increased to near 70 mph and the storm could reach the U.S. East Coast as a hurricane. Visit CNN for the latest.

12 Responses to “CNN Breaking News”

  1. Lojo says:

    Looks like I’M not getting bread or milk at the store tonight.

  2. Strabo says:

    Why is it allways bread and milk? What happened to Smokes and Whiskey, or the good old fashioned hurricane party’s where you did nothing to get prepared except grill some steaks and fire up the blender?

  3. Michael Row says:

    How’s that glamor entry in Wikipedia coming along? I noticed that Scientizzle has your back pretty good over there. Maybe if this Ernesto thing is truly devastating you can spin it into your own sitcom. That’d show them!!

  4. Strabo says:

    Bummer….Imagine waiting for your Labor Day Cabo San Lucas vacation, you fly in yesterday, get your stuff unpacked, only to be told Cabo is going to take a direct hit by Hurricane John at about 11:00am Friday, now your rushed to the airport only to stand in line with thousands of others trying to get a flight out. I say screw it, lets ride it out, we paid all this $$, might as well enjoy it as best we can, plus the added bonus of a Hurricane….” please just leave the whole bottle and some shot glasses “…Can we get some more Guac? :)

  5. Brendan Loy says:

    Michael, first of all, the term is vanity entry. Get it right. (My page is NOT, of course, a vanity entry, as anyone who understands the meaning of the term realizes. But if you’re going to use the term, at least use it right.)

    Secondly, Scientizzle doesn’t “have my back,” nor is he my “closest friend,” as someone absurdly claimed (one of many blatantly, factually false that have been asserted by my critics). Scientizzle is a casual friendly acquaintance, who I know mostly through mutual friends. More relevantly, he is also a long-time Wikipedia editor with an unassailable history of encyclopedic, non-vandalism edits on the site (unlike nearly all of my critics, who are almost exclusively anonymous IPs and single-purpose entries, created for the rather pathetic purpose of vandalizing the Brendan Loy page). Scientizzle didn’t do anything worth criticizing, he merely made some rather well-reasoned, well-articulated arguments against deletion — which, by the way, no one rebutted in any meaningful way. The “argument” for deletion has been characterized almost exclusively by ad hominem attacks, unsupported assertions, irrelevant statements of opinion, and blatant falsehoods. Is it any wonder that the admins accepted Scientizzle’s arguments and rejected the crapola from the other side, hence causing the AfD to be defeated?

    Thirdly, I don’t wish devastation on anyone. Duh. (Assume good faith much? Guess not.)

    Finally, why do you care enough about me to leave a comment here attacking me? How pathetic. If you don’t like me or my blog, that’s fine. No one is forcing you to read this, let alone to comment here. I am genuinely puzzled by the animosity I seem to have engendered in some quarters. I know I’m a giant dork, easy to make fun of, and I realize that some of what I write can be interpreted as arrogant or self-important. That’s a misreading and a misunderstanding, but I understand how people who don’t know me well could get that impression. But how does any of that translate into the sort of passionate opposition to all things Brendan Loy that would inspire the ongoing vandalism and personal attacks over on Wikipedia? It’s sad and bizarre.

  6. Michael Row says:

    First of all, why do you care enough about me to leave a comment here attacking me? Glamor? Yes, I find it appropriate to call it that, since I find you to be a glamorous personality. Vanity would imply that you are vain, which I will deny to the grave. Is my desire to see you get your own show (primetime, network,none of that WB crap) somehow an attack? Jeez. I can see why you would feel beset upon, seeing as you have a blog full of posters constantly telling you how great you are and you get to be on CNN and in a Spike Lee film. A lone voice of dissension must cut like a knife (but it feels so right), but that’s beside the point. I attack no one. Scientizzle is the shizzle (yo), and you are to weather blogging what an occluded front it to weather reporting; something of slight interest. So calm yourself. No one is attacking anyone (except for that part where you attacked me).

  7. Strabo says:

    Maybe i posted in the wrong thread, sry.

  8. Brendan Loy says:

    Heh. Pretending that your obvious sarcasm was unsarcastic is stupid, Michael, but at least your latest comment is funny. you are to weather blogging what an occluded front it to weather reporting; something of slight interest… LOL. Although, possibly the funniest part is the unintentional humor inherent in the assertion, “you have a blog full of posters constantly telling you how great you are”… as if there is regularly no dissent around here. Yes, my blog’s odd mixture of liberals and conservatives, USC and Notre Dame fans, weather enthusiasts and people who don’t care about weather, sports fans and people who hate sports, Bush-lovers and Bush-haters… they all miraculously agree with me about everything, and they never criticize me! As a result of which, you are a “lone voice of dissension.” LOL!

  9. michael row says:

    I’m no voice of dissension, you misread me. Why do you assume that I am being sarcastic? Why do you make it so hard to love you, Loy?

  10. Brendan Loy says:

    LOL. :)

  11. Lojo says:

    BRENDAN!!! Why can’t I QUIT you?!?

  12. Jazz says:

    I know I’m a giant dork, easy to make fun of,

    Hold on there, buddy. You looked pretty cool in that Spike Lee joint. Which might not be saying much if it were one of his big budget set pieces, but you were in a hotel ballroom after all.