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A Picture Share!
Posted by on Saturday, December 31, 2005 at 11:33 am

Here is a great camera-phone photo that I think may not have gotten uploaded yesterday. Aww… Becky was such a beautiful bride! :) … In other news, Mother Nature gave me an unexpected wedding present yesterday: Tropical Storm Zeta formed!! Holy crap!!

11 Comments on “A Picture Share!”

  1. Sissy Willis Says:

    The heart that loves is forever young. Mighty bless. :)

  2. Alasdair Says:

    OK - enough with the sentimental stuff - FIX yer assorted counters so you can RELAX on your honeymoon !

  3. Paul Bourque Says:

    With all those cell phone picture posts, it was almost as if I was there in person. Congrats you guys! It seems that it was only yesterday, you were this little middle-school kid, and now you’re married. Best of luck to you guys :)

  4. Scientizzle Says:


  5. schmendel Says:

    Congrats Brendan and Becky! Best wishes!

  6. Lojo Says:

    May your marriage resist all including blog posts and abnormal storms!! God Bless!

  7. Jay Barasch Says:

    congratulations Becky and Brendan

    here’s to many many happy years.

    speaking of weddings, here’s another recent wedding i’m not QUITE as confident in

  8. A Nun Mouse Says:

    Congrtatulations, you guys….!! Er…on the new tropical storm that is….

  9. Bob's Kid Says:

    Nice wedding and much happiness to you both.

    Too bad about the SC thing, though…(says the Cal grad).

    And I am wondering how come I never until now noticed you were born the exact same day as my son?

  10. Vicki from NJ Says:

    Becky and Brendan,

    Congrats, I’m really sorry I couldn’t be there to wish you well in person, but even in the somewhat fuzzy camera phone pictures it’s obvious how wonderful your special day was. Happy New Year!!!!

  11. HatTip??? Says:

    Another Tropical Storm? Where did you hear about this? Surely someone must have told you at your wedding.

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