Baseball scenarios

Okay, I have a question. I know, obviously, that if either the Red Sox or the Yankees sweep the next two games at Fenway, they win the division. I also know that, if the Red Sox and Yankees split, and the Indians win their next two games, there would be a three-way tie among Boston, Cleveland, and New York, resulting in a two one-game playoffs: Red Sox vs. Yankees for the AL East crown on Monday, then the loser of that game vs. the Indians for the wild card on Tuesday. But what happens if the Red Sox and Yankees split and the Indians lose at least one more game? That would knock Cleveland (68 or 69 losses) out of the picture, and it would simply be the Red Sox and Yankees (67 losses each) tied, with both guaranteed a postseason spot — one as the division champ, the other as the wild card. Would they still have a one-game playoff in that case, or would some stupid tiebreaker be used? If it’s the latter, then a double-playoff scenario is now the only possible way that an AL East playoff can happen.

I ask because, nevermind making the postseason, I want to beat the damn Yankees in the division race. They’ve been kicking us around in the AL East for far too long. GO SAWX!!

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  1. PW says:

    That was SUCH an ANNOYING Indians game last night. The lack of run support we’ve given Kevin Millwood this year borders on the surreal.

  2. Ken says:

    I think the Yankees would be the champion and the Red Sox would be the wild card because the Yankees would have a 10-9 record over the Red Sox. That is what they said about the White Sox a couple of days ago when there was a possibility that Cleveland and Chicago could tie.

  3. Ken says:

    Yeah..I just checked and it would be as I described above. See the discussion in this story about half way down the page.

  4. Ken says:

    I also saw another story a couple of days ago about close finishes between the Yankees and Red Sox. Apparently, the last time the Red Sox beat the Yankees by 2 games or less was in 1904!!

  5. aj says:

    “If Boston and New York are tied and Cleveland can’t match them, the Yankees would win the East and the Red Sox the wild card because New York will have won the season series against Boston.”

  6. Ken says:

    On another sports note, I ran a quick and dirty look at the USC pool numbers that Brendan has not yet got a chance to post. I used only the entries shown here so if there are others that were sent to Brendan, these results may not be accurate. Additionally, this shows only those who are tied with 3-0 records.

    Given those caveats, here are my estimations of the standings. (Note that USC has won by a total of 131 points over the first three games so those who have picked USC by the largest margins are the leaders in the pool at this time.)

    Andrew 88

    girard 85

    Mike 80

    B. Williams 80

    Ken 77

    Joe Giles 72

    Scientizzle 71

    Ricardo 70

    Brendan 69

    K. Moot 60

    Jason Gilman 55

    Coach Leahy 54

    Lisa 50

    nug 49

    josh 48

    Andy Waz 42

    Adrienne 42

  7. Ken says:

    Actually, I should have subtracted the numbers from the total…eg. Andrew’s leading total is actually 131-88=43 in that he is “only” 43 points away from perfectly predicting the USC scores so far this year…while Adrienne is off by 89 points. (Since everyone picked USC to win each game by fewer points than they actually did, this does not matter yet.)

  8. lexicon says:

    I want whatever scenario gets the Angels playing the White Sox in Chicago the weekend of the Notre Dame USC game.