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  1. …been declared for the State of New Jersey, banning all vehicular traffic, except for emergency vehicles. The amount of snowfall as of the 11 o’clock news here is 8 1/2 inches of snow in Central Park, Manhattan, with the other boroughs in double digits (with Brooklyn being the highest, 18 inches if I correctly recall). The Jackie Robinson Parkway was closed for a time, and a later report indicated it was moving very slowly, so apparently it re-opened subsequent to its closing. The storm is expected to worsen overnight.

    The above is the part of the audiopost I was unable to hear, perhaps because I am accessing via webtv, but if it was cut off for everyone, that is what it said.

    Addendum: Alternate-side parking has been suspended until Wednesday.

  2. Leanna Loomer says:

    Additionally, the storm that has passed over us is apparently now moving north and west, and will then circle and pass over us AGAIN.

    I believe the Blizzard of ’88 passed over THREE times.