Newington police officer dead

BREAKING NEWS: Newington police officer Peter Lavery is dead, and the man who took him hostage has committed suicide, according to sources quoted by local ABC affiliate WTNH Channel 8. Excerpt:

A police officer who was shot after responding to a domestic dispute is dead, and the man who allegedly shot him and took him hostage took his own life, sources tell News Channel 8.

Police were expected to hold a briefing for reporters later this afternoon to provide more details. …

A source tells News Channel 8 the hostage taker, whose name has not been released, was terminated by the state Department of Correction in July of 1999 for weapons possession violations. News Channel 8 is told the man served time in jail on those weapons charges.

Three SWAT teams, dozens of state troopers and officers from surrounding towns converged on the neighborhood. A five block area around the house was been evacuated and residents were taken by bus from the scene.

Newington Mayor Thomas McBride says Lavery is a 19-year veteran of the force.

News Channel 8’s Erin Cox reports Newington Police were planning to remove Lavery’s body, draping it with a flag. An honor guard may also be at the scene as his body is removed.

I pray that WTNH’s sources are wrong. The story was filed at 3:38 PM EST, more than an hour ago. So far, no one else is reporting this.

My dad reports via IM, “a helicopter just headed for Htfd (definitely a copter this time) & another one is hovering”

UPDATE: WVIT Channel 30 now confirms, on air, that Lavery is dead, according to my dad.

MORE: Lavery leaves wife & 2 children. Suspect shot self in head. (According to state police spokesman Vance, live on the air, via my dad.)

AND MORE: (Joe Loy reporting) – townspeople interviewed on WVIT-TV Channel 30 (NBC affiliate) make clear that Officer Lavery, 47, was well-known to, and beloved by, many Newingtonians. He helped many people in many ways. He was also a 20-year veteran of the National Guard. / May God receive his soul, and comfort his family & loved ones. And all the people of this terribly saddened little town.

2 Responses to “Newington police officer dead”

  1. Jim says:

    I went to school w/ Peter. My wife grew up w/ his family. He comes from a family of Police Officers. My friends from Newington and Berlin(he was an officer there for a number of years)confirm what I knew as a kid- Peter Lavery was an outstanding Individual, friend to all, and the kind of Cop you wanted around, regardless of which side of the law you were standing when you met him.The world is a lesser place without him.

  2. Charles says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this miserable tragedy.

    My prayers and thoughts are with Officer Lavery’s family and friends.

    Please post an address where we can send a card or flowers or something to Officer Lavery’s family.

    This is just horrible. Horrible.