Well… that was way fun. :)

My Moblog coverage was rather Kucinich-heavy, wasn’t it? That wasn’t intentional, and it certainly can’t be considered the result of ideological bias, me being a Liebermaniac-turned-Edwardsian and all. But I guess, like most members of the media, I am instinctively drawn to what is interesting and entertaining, not necessarily what’s important. And the Kucinich folks were definitely the most interesting. :)

I have organized my coverage of the last 24 hours into a single blog category, “Me: USC Debate Trip.” I’ve also fixed a few glitches — as I predicted earlier, there were a couple of multiple-posted audblog entries, and one buggy photo-post — and, perhaps most significantly, I labeled all my audio posts so they are much easier to find and listen to.

My two favorite audio posts, I think, are my aggressive interview with the USC official at the center of the Kucinich censorship controversy (of which I promptly alerted the Daily Trojan, by the way, running up to the newsroom shortly after doing that interview) and my little-bit-of-everything audio post featuring Kerry, Edwards and Dean supporters chanting, Kucinich crazies jammin’, and of course, an interview with my new favorite presidential ticket, Carrot & Corn.

I have a lot of great full-quality digital photos, but no time to organize and upload them now. My SuperShuttle to LAX leaves in 4 1/2 hours!!! So — tentative plan — I will organize the photos on the plane ride to Phoenix, and upload them during my lunch break at work.

UPDATE: The Daily Trojan is late, late, late going to press — it’s 12:11 AM here in L.A., and so far on their website, they’ve got nothin’! (Their deadline is 11:00.)

Then again, they do have to contend with a huge national event on campus and the polls closing (a few minutes ago, at midnight) on a contentious Student Senate election (which, rumor has it, is also causing accusations and recriminations in the DT newsroom… again). So I guess I should cut them some slack.

But… nah. :)

Anyway, check the DT website tomorrow for coverage. I wonder if they will say anything about the Kucinich controversy, which I tipped them off to (and even gave them this website as a source)?

The “puppet” candidates, by the way, never were forced to suspend their display, as far as I know. The official whom I interviewed later told me that it was DPS (the campus police) which objected to the display, and he speculated that perhaps the officer had allowed it to continue after all, since it seemed to be still going on. Whatever. Those students were being harassed over the content of their legitimate political speech. The puppet-master did not look like he was “hanging” anyone, and there was absolutely no danger to “public safety” whatsoever.

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