Joe jokes

Will Saletan, in Wonkette’s words, “exhausts all the possible Joe-okes known to man.” Indeed:

Antiwar Democrats in Iowa found his support of the Iraq war Joefensive. He went into a Joesdive. He was Joewhere.

In New Hampshire, however, he sensed a Joepening. All those McCain independents could vote in the state’s Joepen primary. Joe set up house there and went to work. The crowds welcomed him with Joevations. He surged in the Joevernights. “Joementum!” crowed his campaign. He was Joevial.

Hee hee hee.

For her part, Wonkette writes: “Joe Lieberman, still unclear on the concept: ‘I feel like a winner.'” Aw, now that’s just mean. Mean, but funny. :)

Some people, however, really just don’t want to face reality:

As I speak, one billion voters are going to the polls to vote for Joe Lieberman and Allah smiles on them. Already John Kerry, John Edwards and Howard Dean are about to concede to Joe Lieberman. They fear his mighty jowls and wavering voice, they bow at the feet of his mainstream, moderate positions. The polls run by nefarious infidels have Joe Lieberman at barely 2 or 3 percent. These are obvious lies and falsehoods.

Again: hee hee hee.

On a more serious note, Captain Ed is sad to see Joe go, and thinks he deserved better:

Lieberman’s fate was decided when both Al Gore and the DLC dumped him, the former for the radical left, and the latter to chase after a faux-Democrat, Wes Clark. Lieberman deserved better for his service to his party than to exit with two knives stuck in his back.

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  1. ken says:

    baghdad bob as new lieberman campaign spokesman was brilliant