It’s all about the zoo

Becky and I went to the San Diego Zoo on Saturday, and I took a bunch of pictures with my new camera. Check out the monkeys!!

There was also an incredibly cute group of koala bears lying all over each other:

And here’s Hua Mei, the giant panda who was supposed to be sent back to China several months ago. Apparently the delay has something to do with SARS. Dunno if pandas can get it, or what, but yeah.

The verdict is still out on the camera, by the way. It performed great at the zoo, but still seem to be having a bit of trouble in less-than-ideal lighting situations. I’m continuing to test it out… I can return it up until next Tuesday, if I want.

Click here for a full gallery of zoo photos!

UPDATE: My dad comments that the SARS delay is due to concern for the panda’s human handlers. He’s right, according to this article, which also reports that this is only the latest in a series of delays: “The panda, born at the zoo Aug. 21, 1999, was scheduled to leave San Diego last September, shortly after her 3rd birthday. Her departure has been pushed back several times. … Paperwork problems in Washington delayed her departure, and then officials in China decided it was too cold there to move her during the winter. A planned May departure was pushed back to June so officials could properly plan a celebration for the arrival of the first giant panda born outside of China to come to the land of her origin.” Now, “neither Chinese nor zoo officials wanted to put at risk [of SARS] the humans who would need to travel with her. Now it’s anyone’s guess when she will leave. Hua Mei’s health is not the issue, said Donald F. Lindburg, head of the zoo’s giant panda team, because it is very unlikely a panda would be susceptible to the SARS virus.”

2 Responses to “It’s all about the zoo”

  1. Joe Loy says:

    I read that the delay in returning the Panda was to avoid SARS risk to the Panda Handlers who would need to accompany Hua Mei. (They all said “Hua? Mei??” Nonono I *did* read that, really)

  2. Andrew says:

    Busch Gardens in Tampa was very cool–it’s a zoo with lots of cool animals (Africa-themed), many of which you can get pretty close to see, but it also has a few decent roller coasters. The best part however, hands down, is the free beer–limit two servings, but you can get around that pretty easily. ;-)