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Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 31st, 2002

Or, as I like to call it, The Day After My Birthday.

I had a good 21st… drank a few beers, opened a few presents, sent in my absentee ballot, and got 72 unique hits on my website, including the 1,000th hit this month. Seventy-two hits in a day isn’t a record — after all the “Rally Monkey” and “duck in a noose” traffic during the preceding week, it’s only the sixth-highest daily total in “My world” history — but 1,000 hits in a month is definitely unprecedented.

Of yesterday’s 72 hits, seven came from Google searches, three from Yahoo searches and three from MSN searches. Most of the rest were my friends and family, visiting my website in response to the mass e-mail that I sent out early Wednesday morning. Hit #25, which was the 1,000th hit of the month, came at 8:40 AM Pacific time from someone with a IP address who looked at a bunch of my photo galleries, including my old pictures of the World Trade Center, my trip home last October, and the USC protest against sweatshop labor last spring.

Speaking of which, there a bunch of newly uploaded photo galleries from Spring, Summer, and Fall 2002 on my photo page. So check ’em out!

Anyway, thanks for the hits, and thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

Here’s what my mom wrote to some of her friends at Eastern Connecticut State University (where she works) on the occasion of my 21st birthday:

Twenty-one years ago Tuesday (the 29th was a Thursday that year), I drove out to Eastern, gave a morning lecture on medieval art at the Media Center, gave another lecture on medieval art for another Art History class I was teaching at Eastern. I went home that evening to bake cookies for what I thought would be my last day doing library work (some things never change!). That night, 2 weeks ahead of schedule, my water broke and I went into labor, and so 21 years ago yesterday, my son Brendan was born.

My son is legal! Some of you saw him at Boy’s State here at ECSU in1998, or saw him at ages 9 and above sledding down the hill beside the old library on school snow days. So I thought I would share it with you.

Indeed I am legal. Hooray!


Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

I cuddle with Becky’s kitten, Toby — and use her teddy bear, Brain, as a pillow — on a recent evening. Click here for more photos of me, Becky, and Toby hanging out in Becky’s apartment.


Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

Our resident Rally Monkeys — Beck Jr., left, and Samson, right — watch Game 1 of the World Series on Oct. 19. Their diligence did not pay off in this game (the Giants won, 4-3), but the Angels would eventually win the Series in seven games, much to the monkeys’ delight.


Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

A segment of the old Deans Halls crowd — Mike Wiser, me, Julie Payne, David Kreutz, and Megan Wygant — pose for a picture at Honors House in the wee hours of Oct. 20. Dave, my freshman-year roommate who now attends the University of Washington, returned to USC that weekend for the first time since transferring for the USC-Washington football game. (USC won, 41-21.) For more photos of that weekend and Dave’s visit, click here. To read my thoughts about the game, click here.


Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

Dozens of container ships and cargo vessels idle offshore of the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach on Oct. 8 because of the labor dispute that led to a 10-day lockout of longshoremen up and down the West Coast. This photo was actually taken just a few hours after a federal court, at President Bush’s request, ordered everybody back to work. Click here for more photos of the idled ships.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

Above: a photo of me at 12:04 AM, four minutes after I turned 21 — in the eyes of society, that is. In my own eyes, I won’t turn 21 until 6:22 AM Pacific time (9:22 AM Eastern time), my “birth hour.”

Meanwhile, in website news, “My world” logged only 43 hits yesterday — the first time since last Wednesday that it received less than 50 hits in a day. Even so, I got some interesting web searches, including one rather angry-sounding Google query for “rally monkey hate die.”

An uptick of traffic is likely today, since I will be sending out a mass e-mail to my friends and relatives encouraging them to visit the site and vote in the dolly election for president and vice president of Adollya.

UPDATE, 1:00 PM: Well, now I’m 21 no matter how you figure it. I missed the “big moment” at 6:22 AM, though. I had set my alarm for 6:21 AM, planning to wake up for one minute (as I did last year), videotape myself turning 21, and then go right back to sleep. But the alarm didn’t wake me up, and I peacefully crossed the threshold of another year while sleeping.

Then, when my “real” alarm went off at 7:40 AM, I gave myself a birthday present of sleep: I refused to get up, and skipped both my 8:30 AM and my 10:00 AM classes. (If either of my professors happens to read this… uh… I’m just kidding. I wasn’t feeling well. Cough, cough.)

If you’re wondering whether I’ve “partied” yet, the answer is no. But talk to me after 8:00 PM. :)

54 hits and counting today… and Potsy has jumped out to a huge lead, with 27 votes (64%). Beck is a distant second with 7 votes, Mr. Bun is third with 5, and incumbent Oliver is dead last with 3 votes.

Torrid traffic cools off

Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

“Only” 25 hits so far today (that’s my normal daily average) as of 4:20 PM. Looks like the streak of four straight 60-plus hit days may be ending. Here’s a chart of traffic in the month of October:

(Note: Because Oct. 27 was a 25-hour day due to the end of Daylight Savings Time, the chart above only counts the hits that occurred before 11:00 PM. Three more hits between 11:00 PM and midnight increased the day’s total from 79 to 82.)

From The Onion

Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

Gotta love the French

Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

From, a funny fake-news blog:

French Resolution Threatens ‘Aggressive Indecision’

(2002-10-27) — France this week will propose a new resolution to the U.N. Security Council for dealing with Iraq. The measure calls for “aggressive indecision” on the matter.

“We want Saddam to know that if he fails to comply with previous U.N. resolutions, he can expect endless debate in the U.N.,” said French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin. “We will continually talk about Iraq, and get ever so close to passing resolutions, but then we’ll block the vote. This strategy is aimed at driving Saddam insane.”

France, the acknowledged world leader in diplomacy and military strategy, has once again taken the lead on this issue of historic significance. French diplomats are said to be preparing speeches that last for days and resolutions with circuitous language making them virtually impervious to an up-or-down vote.

96 hits

Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

“My world” shattered its previous record for visitor traffic in a single day — set the day before — but fell just short of triple digits with a total of 96 unique hits on Monday.

Thirty-one of those hits resulted from web searches for the Rally Monkey; dozens of others came from searches on miscellaneous topics ranging from the D.C. snipers to Newington High School.

The previous record was 82 hits in a day. Monday was the third day out of the last four on which there have been 78 hits or more, and the fourth in a row with 61 hits or more. Most of the hits are coming from Internet search engines, suggesting “My world” has risen in search-engine clout. It is unclear whether the traffic surge will continue, or for how long.

In other news… I TURN 21 IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!

Enough about my traffic, already!

Monday, October 28th, 2002

All right, all right, here’s something else to chew on: Reuters evidently isn’t sure whether Osama bin Laden was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, and moreover, they feel the need to put the word “terrorists” in quotes when referring to the Moscow hostage-takers. As if there’s any doubt that those bastards are terrorists. What else would they be? Choir boys? C’mon, people!

New website record: 85 and counting

Monday, October 28th, 2002

“My world” has a new daily hits record, and with almost six hours left in the day, it seems destined to shatter the old mark and perhaps reach triple digits for the first time.

The record-breaking 83rd hit came at 5:57:24 PM — less than 19 hours after the old record of 82 was set last night. (That number, in turn, eclipsed the May 28, 2002 mark of 80, which had lasted almost five months.)

Somewhat anticlimactically, the record-breaking hit came from, of all people, me. I had intended to visit “,” but accidentally typed “” instead, and quickly saw that I had logged the site’s 83rd hit. But the record would have fallen anyway; hits #82 and #84 both resulted from Google searches for the Rally Monkey, the site’s 26th and 27th Rally Monkey-related hits today.

This record may not last much longer than yesterday’s mark of 82 did. Even if a new surge of random search-engine traffic doesn’t wipe out the new record tomorrow, Wednesday — my 21st birthday — seems a likely candidate for a record-breaking day, since I plan to send a mass e-mail to my friends late Tuesday night encouraging them to visit my newly updated site. The traffic resulting from that e-mail, combined with the generally elevated levels of search-engine hits “My world” has been receiving in recent days, could easily set a new record.

Website nears record… again

Monday, October 28th, 2002

By the end of the day today, “My world” may break the traffic record that it set yesterday. As of 5:00 PM Pacific time, the website already has 71 hits, meaning it needs only 11 more hits in the next seven hours to equal yesterday’s record-setting total of 82 hits. Depending on the amount of traffic this evening, the website could conceiveably shatter the record and reach triple digits. We shall see.

Meanwhile, it has been determined that the record-breaking 81st hit last night came from none other than Andrew Long, my conservative Republican friend and fellow Angels fan (he introduced me to Angels fandom, really). Andrew logged onto the website at 11:07:14 PM, presumably to check out my latest blog posts after the Angels’ world championship victory.

Oh, by the way, 25 of today’s hits have come from web searches for the Rally Monkey.

UPDATE, 5:09 PM: Six direct hits from, caused by the posting of this news item, and another “Rally Monkey” hit, have pushed today’s total to 78 already. A new record now seems almost certain.

UPDATE, 5:15 PM: It is also worth noting that October has easily surpassed July as the busiest month in “My world” history. July’s total was 784; October already has 915 hits, and with three days and seven hours left — and a mass e-mail set to go out Tuesday night — it seems very likely to break 1,000.

All about the famous monkey

Monday, October 28th, 2002

I haven’t found a video yet, but for all you Rally Monkey-crazed web surfers, here’s a profile of your favorite simian.

Rally Monkey is a big hit

Monday, October 28th, 2002

As of 2:40 PM Pacific time, this website has already received 53 hits today — its fifth straight day of 50 hits or more. Nineteen of today’s 53 hits have resulted from searches for the World Champion Anaheim Angels’ mascot, the Rally Monkey.

“My world” has received 69 “Rally Monkey”-related hits since the jumping primate first appeared on this page. Forty-six of those hits have come in the last 43 hours or so — that’s more than one per hour — since the Angels’ stunning, monkey-spurred comeback-for-the-ages in Game 6.

Here is a rundown of all the “Rally Monkey”-related hits:
1 – Oct. 17
3 – Oct. 18
0 – Oct. 19 (World Series Game 1)
4 – Oct. 20 (Game 2)
3 – Oct. 21
4 – Oct. 22 (Game 3)
0 – Oct. 23 (Game 4)
4 – Oct. 24 (Game 5)
4 – Oct. 25
8 – Oct. 26 (Game 6) (all 8 hits came after 8:00 pm)
19 – Oct. 27 (Game 7)
19* – Oct. 28

*as of 2:40 PM PST