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A mini golf triumph

Wednesday, July 31st, 2002

I played the best mini-golf round of my life on Monday, finishing three strokes under par and finishing my round with seven consecutive 2s.

Just so you can get an idea of how bad I usually am at miniature golf — and therefore how shocking this round was — I once invented the term “theoretical par” to describe the total score that is 18 strokes over par for a course (a bogey for each hole), so that I’d have a better chance of making some sort of par.

But creative scorekeeping was not necessary Monday. I just couldn’t miss. I don’t have any pictures yet, but I hope to get some digital video of the round uploaded eventually. For now, you can check out my scorecard. If you care, that is. :) Frankly, I can’t see why you would, but hey, I had to brag…

Hit #3000 for “My World”

Wednesday, July 31st, 2002

On Saturday at 4:45 PM Eastern time, this website recorded its 3,000th hit since February 23, 2002. That’s roughly 600 hits per month! But the web visitor who produced hit #3000 evidently didn’t find what he or she was looking for. He/she left after only viewing one page on the website, having found the site by searching on Yahoo for “jen04.”

I find such searches perplexing — who would look for “jen04”? — but I get quite a lot of them. I’ve had at least 31 people find my website by searching for “jen04,” “jen01,” “jen24,” or some other combination of the name “Jen” and a random two-digit number. (By far the most popular is “jen13,” with 16 hits.) I don’t know why they do it, but they do. And they find my site because of the Jen page, which has links to 32 digital pictures of my best friend Jen Persaud — each named jen01.jpg, jen02.jpg, etc.

After the mysterious “Jen” searches, the most common search-engine topics for visitors to my website are: Elizabeth Carlson, the Newington High School graduate who was tragically murdered earlier this summer (30 hits); the September 11 attacks (at least 25 hits, probably many more); retired NHS musical director Josef Treggor (24 hits); the Red Army Choir (17 hits); and searches related to my cross-country train trip (17 hits). There have also been 12 hits from people searching simply for “Brendan Loy.”

I’m sorry for the recent lull in news updates here. Check back soon for more, including information on my new digital camcorder!!!

My digital camera is back!

Monday, July 22nd, 2002

My digital camera is back in my possession, and fully functional again, three weeks after its shutter button suddenly stopped working on July 1. We sent it to Precision Camera Repair in Chicopee, MA on July 11, and they did the actual repairs on July 15 — or so it would seem from these photos, taken on that date by repair technicians to test the camera. (Coincidentally, July 15 was the camera’s third birthday. I bought it on July 15, 1999.)

According to the UPS website, the camera was shipped back to me on July 19; it arrived in Hartford at 11:45 PM that same night; and it was delivered to my doorstep this morning (July 22) at 11:37 AM.

Not only did they fix the shutter button (that is, the button that takes the pictures), but they also did something I didn’t even ask them to: they replaced the battery door, which broke more than two years ago when I stupidly threw the camera over my shoulder at an amusement park to demonstrate how I had almost lost the camera on a Tower of Terror-type ride. The camera had stayed on my neck during the ride, but I was a little too vigorous during my “demonstration” and it actually flew off my neck, partially breaking off the camera door. I had kept the door secured with electical tape or masking tape ever since, but now I have a new one! Hooray!

More importantly, the camera actually takes pictures again, so I’ll be able to upload new photo galleries to this website as events in my life warrant. :)

Galestorms and sunspots and flares, oh my!

Tuesday, July 16th, 2002

Tropical Storm Arthur has been declared extratropical, so the National Hurricane Center is no longer issuing advisories on it. But that doesn’t mean it no longer packs a punch: Arthur is now a galestorm, whipping up wind and rain as it rolls past Newfoundland. You can read the Hurricane Center’s final public advisory on Arthur, check out the final meteorological discussion of the storm, view the latest satellite loop, or read local coverage in The Telegram, the newspaper in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Storms are also raging on the Sun, where a giant sunspot — long enough to fit 15 Earths from end to end — is moving across the surface of the Sun. It is still growing, and you can see it yourself (if you use safe solar projection methods, of course), according to

There are even storms in space, thanks to solar flares emitted by the above-mentioned sunspot. On Monday, a strong “X-class” solar flare hurled a Coronal Mass Ejection into space, creating a chance for Northern Lights on Earth tomorrow (Wednesday). Scientists say there is a 10 percent chance of severe auroras that could be seen all over the planet, even in southern latitudes. Another Coronal Mass Ejection caused by another solar flare on Tuesday could also produce auroras, perhaps on Thursday. Again, stay tuned to for the latest.

Post from cell phone

Monday, July 15th, 2002

T.D. 1 is now Tropical Storm Arthur!

Not Arthur yet

Sunday, July 14th, 2002

Tropical Depression One remains a tropical depression for now, with winds hovering at 35 miles per hour. Next chance for an upgrade to Tropical Storm status is 5:00 AM. But as the 11:00 PM meteorological discussion of the storm explains, condtions are not perfect for intensification even though T.D. 1 is over the Gulf Stream, so any strengthening is likely to be slow. But it is still expected to become T.S. Arthur before becoming an extratropical (non-tropical) low pressure system in a few days. It could eventually become a strong extratropical storm off the coasts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Here is the latest forecast map with strike probabilities.

Tropical Depression 1 forms off N.C.

Sunday, July 14th, 2002

The first tropical depression of the 2002 season has formed off the North Carolina coast. It could become Tropical Storm Arthur later tonight or tomorrow. (In fact, it could become Arthur within the next half-hour, if the National Hurricane Center determines by the time of the 11:00 PM advisory that the storm has 40 mile-per-hour sustained winds.) At the moment, however, it is expected to head out to sea. Details soon.

Greetings from Bah Hahbah

Friday, July 12th, 2002

Becky and I have arrived at our motel in Bar Harbor, ME, after a day in which we toured Boston with Kristy, dropped Kristy off with her boyfriend in Manchester, New Hampshire, and then drove through Maine to here.

Yesterday, Becky, Kristy and I walked around Quincy Market, climbed up the big clock tower nearby, went to the aquarium and looked at the fishies and penguins, and ate at an Italian restaurant in the North End. Then, earlier today, we got a brief look around inside Fenway Park, hung out in the Public Gardens and waded in the pond at the Boston Commons. Kristy and I even got yelled at for racing across said pond (no running allowed!)

After dropping Kristy off in New Hampshire, Becky and I drove northeast and crossed into Maine, Becky’s 45th state. (I’ve already been to Maine many times, but this is Becky’s first time. She now leads me in the state count, 45-43.) I did the night driving from Waterville to Bar Harbor, which was plenty exciting, believe you me. Tomorrow, Becky and I tour Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. And on Sunday… L.L. Bean in Freeport! Woohoo!

The digital camera is out of commission, as explained below, but I’m taking pictures with throwaway film cameras, and once I get them developed, I’ll be sure to scan a few and put them online ASAP. :)

Joke of the day

Wednesday, July 10th, 2002

“Congratulations to George W. Bush. Today, the Supreme Court declared him the winner of last night’s All-Star Game.” –David Letterman

Oh, no! My digital camera is broken!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2002

Exactly two weeks before its third birthday, my Sony Digital Mavica suddenly stopped working on July 1. To be more specific, the button that takes the pictures, having been pushed 20,314 times, simply broke. You can still physically push the button, but it doesn’t do anything electronically. The camera doesn’t take pictures anymore.

pic00001.jpg – 7/15/99, 9:02:02 PM

The first picture ever taken with my Mavica

pic20314.jpg – 7/1/02, 3:02:04 PM

The last picture ever taken with my Mavica?

Thankfully, we purchased a four-year warranty when we bought the camera, so I’m sending it in for repairs, and I’ll just have to wait and see whether it’s repairable. Frankly, I hope it’s not, because if they can’t fix it, they’ll give me a Circuit City store credit to replace it — and $500, which is what the camera cost in 1999, will buy me a much better camera today, thanks to advances in technology. So I’d rather have the money than the camera.

Either way, I hope to have some sort of digital camera within a couple of weeks. But for now, all I have is throwaway film cameras, and it obviously takes more time and effort to get those pictures onto a website. So there probably won’t be too many new pictures on this site for a while. But these should keep you busy for the moment: photos from my recent week in Buffalo, June 28-July 5. Thanks to the graciousness of Becky’s parents, who let me borrow their digital camera after mine broke, I have a faily complete photo collection. Check it out!

Also, I’ve added a bunch of new pictures to the Toby page, as well as vital stats and other information on Becky’s incredibly cute kitten. Click here!

In other news, it belatedly came to my attention earlier this week that all of my photo galleries from this summer had been producing “forbidden” error messages since early last week. That problem is now fixed, and all of those galleries are now accesible, including:

  • My arrival home, 5/10-5/13
  • Elise Discenza’s wedding, 5/11
  • Newington High School girls tennis, 5/15
  • Miscellaneous pics of Jen, 5/20-5/22
  • Newington Memorial Day parade, 5/25
  • My parents’ 25th anniversary party, 5/31
  • Becky visits Connecticut & New York City, 5/31-6/3
  • My day in New York City (exactly one year after my final visit to the WTC), 6/3
  • Mr. Treggor’s final bow, 6/6-6/8
  • A day in New York with Liz Janelle, 6/9
  • Visiting Buffalo for Becky’s birthday, 6/13-6/16
  • Fishing with my dad, 6/17
  • Josh Rubin’s graduation party, 6/23
  • Mini golf with Dan Seremet, Tim Stevens, and Tim’s girlfriend Janelle, 6/26
  • My week in Buffalo visiting Becky, her friends and family, 6/28-7/5
  • “My world” gets 2500th hit

    Tuesday, July 9th, 2002

    This morning, this website recorded its 2500th unique hit since I started tracking on February 23, 2002. Credit for hit #2500 goes to the person who found my website at 7:56:23 AM by searching on Yahoo for “nude woman with snake.” (The reference is to a picture from the Voodoo Museum in my New Orleans photo gallery. Click here to see it. It’s art, not porno, I swear.)

    Mr. Bun wins!

    Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002

    Mr. Bun claimed victory Tuesday in both the Adollyan presidential primary and the Internet dolly election. He beat Comodore Hufenpuf 10-5 among human voters on this website, and 55% to 45% among dolly voters in Adollya.

    For those of you who voted, thanks for participating in the Internet dolly election! Once the candidates select their vice-presidential runningmates and are formally nominated by their parties later this summer, another Internet election will take place, allowing you to vote for president.

    For now, click here to read all about Tuesday’s presidential primary in Adollya.

    Post from cell phone

    Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002

    Online election results: Bun 10, Hufenpuf 5. Adollyan results: Bun 5,337, Hufenpuf 4,426.