incredibly large lrt logo2It’s that time of year again! Everybody in the pools!

My NCAA and NIT pools are, as always, free to enter. There is no monetary or tangible prize* — just a chance at bragging rights (or, as I like to say, eternal glory).

Complete rules here. Entry links below. (Also, “like” the pools on Facebook!) Good luck!

Men’s NCAA Tournament Pool:
Live Standings
Live Game Scoreboard
Scoring system: 4-7-11-17-24-33.
View everyone’s brackets: PDF file here

Women’s NCAA Tournament Pool:
Live Standings
Live Game Scoreboard
Scoring system: 4-7-11-17-24-33.
View everyone’s brackets: PDF file here

NIT Pool:
Live Standings
Live Game Scoreboard
Scoring system: 7-10-15-20-25.
View everyone’s brackets: PDF file here

**NOTE: In a late rule change, I have decided NOT TO COUNT the Tuesday & Wednesday “First Four” games. If you think a “First Four” participant will win in the Round of 64 or beyond, pick the alternative pair (e.g., “MTSU/StMry” or “BSU/LaSal”) and you will get credit if EITHER team ultimately wins a game(s) in the main bracket. Contestants who entered the pool before this rule change will not be disadvantaged, as their First Four picks will automatically be changed to the alternative pair. That said, if anyone wishes to change their picks, they can, as always, do so, as long as their revised bracket is received by 12:20pm Eastern Time on Thursday. I will assume that the last bracket I receive from you before the deadline is the one you intend to use, and I will delete all earlier brackets.

*I’ve finally decided to give up the ghost on promising t-shirts that I haven’t gotten around to actually buying for the champs in several years (sorry guys). Besides, by eliminating the tangible prize, I believe NCAA athletes are now eligible to compete if they wish — at least, if the rules about such things haven’t changed since 2002, when I was a USC tutor working with student-athletes, and thus had to deal with that issue. (Please consult your compliance department if this applies to you, though. I don’t know what I’m talking about!) [UPDATE: Confirmed by @IrishCompliance!]

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Comments on "My 18th annual NCAA & NIT Pools!"

7 Responses to “My 18th annual NCAA & NIT Pools!”

  1. JD Says:

    This is certainly new territory. Iowa State and Notre Dame are playing each other in something for the first time in my lifetime. For once, Brendan and I will be at odds.



  2. JD Says:

    And now the ISU women are playing at Gonzaga.

    If I had a Twitter account we could be trolling each other all week.

  3. gahrie Says:

    Well there goes my NIT bracket this year already……

  4. Mike Marchand Says:

    The one year I do well in the play-in games and they get cancelled. Go figure.

  5. JD Says:

    Do you only post text updates on Facebook now? I see occasional links to the standings on Twitter but miss the writeups.

  6. Brendan Loy Says:

    I’m not going to do as many full write-ups this year, but I’ll post something this morning about the standings after Round 1.

  7. Brendan Loy Says:

    By the way, congrats on yesterday’s win. (Yikes, Notre Dame.)

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