Jon Caplin, a sports statistician from Chicago (and Becky’s cousin), leads both the Living Room Times Men’s NCAA and Women’s NCAA pools after Saturday’s games.

Caplin had a near-perfect first day in the women’s pool, going 15-for-16, missing only #12 Kansas’s upset of #5 Colorado. Meanwhile, he surged to the top of the leaderboard in the men’s pool, buoyed by correct picks of surprise Sweet 16 runs by #6 Arizona and #12 Oregon.

Caplin has 145 of a possible 184 points in the men’s pool. He is followed by his aunt, and Becky’s mom, Ginny Zak, with 137 points; Kristy LaPlante with 135; and Mark Riley, Troy Lake and Alison Vargas with 134 apiece.

In the women’s pool, Caplin has 60 of a possible 64 points. He is followed by a nine-way tie for second place at 56 points, which includes his cousin Becky and his uncle Rick Boeckler, among others.

Meanwhile, in the NIT Pool, Gidal Kaiser, Derek McDonald and Josh Knight are tied for first with 124 of 152 points. (Caplin is tied for 58th in that pool, with 83 points.)

Click for complete men’s standings, women’s standings, and NIT standings.

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