I’m pretty late in setting this up (though not quite as late as last year), but I just realized, OMG, the Oscars are on Sunday! … which means it’s time to sign up for the 9th annual Living Room Times Oscar Pool!

The deadline to enter is Sunday at 5:30 PM Mountain Time. Entering the pool is, of course, free. The prize, as per usual: eternal glory!

As always, contestants are urged to enter using their full name, a Twitter handle, or some other readily recognizable partial name or nickname/pseudonym. After all, what’s the point of “bragging rights” if I don’t know who you are?

The scoring system, once again, is 12 points for Best Picture, 9 apiece for the directing and lead acting categories, 6 each for the supporting acting categories, 4 each for the screenplay categories, 2 each for documentary feature, animated feature, foreign film, cinematography and original score, and 1 per award for everything else.

Becky and I will most likely host a “live blog” and “live chat” Sunday night here on the blog. The chat has a reputation of being as entertaining as the actual show, if not moreso… plus, I will post live, updated Oscar Pool results throughout the show. So, bookmark this page and check back on Sunday!

[UPDATE: I created a Facebook Event Page for the Live Chat. Everyone is welcome!]

Anyway, get in the pool!!!

P.S. Some Oscar-prediction resources:
Roger Ebert’s predictions (major categories only)
NYT Carpetbagger predictions (major categories only)
Nate Silver’s predictions (major categories only)
Huffington Post Oscar Predictions
Doc’s Sports Oscars odds
EasyOdds Oscars betting
GoldDerby summary of experts’ predictions

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  1. JD Says:

    You should plug Silver’s picks into the pool to see how our entries fare against his.

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