If anyone else in Denver feels a disturbance in the Force this evening, it’s probably caused by the arrival of a bunch of conservative bloggers and tweeters from around the nation, descending on our fair city for BlogCon 2011, a two-day conference sponsored by the Tea Party-supporting political group FreedomWorks.

A bunch of long-time online friends and acquaintances who I’ve never met in person are coming to BlogCon, from my “blog wifeMelissa Clouthier, to voice-of-reason righty Matthias Shapiro, to the conservative twittersphere’s id, Kurt Schlichter, among many others. And so, because I wanted to meet all these people, I’m going too!

I may not share much politically with these folks, but I like a lot of them, and I think it’ll be fun to hang out and chat and network…plus, it was free to sign up…so I’m taking most of the day and attending BlogCon, where I’ll be the lonely liberal/left-centrist in a room full of conservatives. Occupy BlogCon! :)

Below, for posterity, a CoverItLive window importing all tweets from everyone on the official BlogCon Twitter list, plus any tweets using the hashtags #BlogCon, #BlogCon11, or #BlogCon2011.

NOTE: I previously referred to FreedomWorks as being “Koch-affiliated.” I now understand that’s not really true. The Koch Brothers founded FreedomWorks’ predecessor group, but then there was a schism over Koch funding, and some hard feelings remain. Anyway, FreedomWorks gets no Koch money, nor has any direct Koch ties. Doesn’t really matter to me, as a “Koch-agnostic.” The point is, it’s a conservative group. :)

Oh, and by the way… Happy 11/11/11!

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  1. AMLTrojan Says:

    He lives!!!

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