Okay, so it’s not, er, quite as momentous as the birth of our third child. But I’m still irrationally excited about the arrival this afternoon of #tigerballz, part of my Mid-Majority Season 8 membership packet. As is Loyabelle, apparently, judging by this picture:


Every TMM member gets a Ballz of his or her choice this season. Mine is technically a Pacific Tigers Ballz, because of this line in the post announcing the latest Ballz distribution:

Two years ago, we swore that there will never be another numbered Bally. We will stick to that. But we will not say anything about any rules or regulations if you happen to request a Pacific Tigers Ballz, the colors of which happen to be black on orange. (The short request and hashtag for this is #tigerballz.)

So in other words, for all practical intents and purposes, this is a Bally. He joins — and, as you can see below, dwarfs — DU Bally, a.k.a. Denver Pioneer Ballz.

When I opened the package containing #tigerballz this afternoon, Loyette immediately gasped (I kid you not) and then delightedly proclaimed, “It’s our VERY OWN BALLY!!!” At which point Loyacita grabbed it and started saying “Bally! Bally!” and playing with it. So cute. The girls love Bally. :)

As for Loyabelle, despite the photo at the top of this post, she actually isn’t quite sure what to make of him, or of his “boing”:

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