Below is a CoverItLive window showing all the tweets on @PioneerPulse, automatically imported. This post will serve as my running “liveblog” of the Pioneers’ season. Feel free to respond either by commenting here or by tweeting something at @PioneerPulse.

[Originally timestamped 2/5/2011 at 11:08 PM; bumped to top. -ed.]

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  1. Puck Swami Says:

    Very disappointing home performance from Denver today vs USA, particularly a horrible second half of 5-for-20 two point shooting and only scored a measly 16 points, blowing a 15 point lead and losing in the final minute. Missed layups, three balls not falling and inability to stop USA inside was the difference. Sure the reffing was bad, but DU reallt made a bad second half bed to sleep in, letting USA hang around and pull it out. As Joe Scott said, they turned “a home game into a road game”.

    Losing Rob Lewis for the season really hurts DU at this time of year, when you need an inside presence if your shooting night isn’t good. DU’s inside presence just isn’t all that good – you can get away with this when you shoot well, but if the ball isn’t falling and you can’t establish an inside presence, you are toast.

    DU has a lot of guys back next year, but they are about a .500 basketball program right now. I had expected them to be a little better this year than they are, but such is life. What is encouraging are the crowds, which are getting better. Hope to see more offensive consistency in the future….

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