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With five days till Selection Sunday, we’re getting closer and closer to the 16th annual Living Room Times basketball pools — NCAA men’s, NCAA women’s and NIT. And I can’t wait!! This year, the men’s NCAA pool will have a newly compressed entry deadline, thanks to the First Four a.k.a. #quadPIG, which can no longer be ignored, as the #PIG could be. It will also have a revamped scoring system, for the same reason; details on that later.

First, though, the pools need a logo! I’ve had great success in prior years soliciting logo designs from my readers, so I’m going to do that again. If you logo is picked, you’ll get, um, an autographed photo of DU Bally! Or a prize of equivalent value. ;) Submit entries via e-mail to irishtrojan [at], or upload them somewhere on the Interwebs and post the link in comments here.

Rules: I need a logo for all three pools. They’re the 16th annual Living Room Times pools. The logo shouldn’t include the term “NCAA,” nor incorporate use the NCAA’s logo, both for legal reasons and because one of the LRT pools is for the NIT. Better to use “basketball pools” instead. Suggestions: I tend to like “clean” logos, surrounded by white space, though that’s not an absolute rule. Basketballs, brackets and such tend to look good. Also, you may want to consider using in some fashion the font, called “Marriage” (not the new cursive font by the same name, but the old, 1990s-era TrueType font called “Marriage”), that appears in the masthead of the this blog. But that’s just an idea, by no means a requirement. Lastly, I highly recommend saving the logo in editable form (i.e., Photoshop or whatever you use), in case I like it but want to request a tweak or two.

I’ll set the deadline to enter for 2pm Mountain Time (noon Eastern) on Friday — although, if you want to enter but need more time, let me know.

After the jump, a look at previous years’ logos.

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