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Denver is 6-0 in the Sun Belt, 10-9 overall — above .500 after a 2-9 start! — and riding an eight-game winning streak, their longest ever in Division I, capped by this evening’s utter demolition of Arkansas State at Magness Arena.

Just an amazing, phenomenal performance by the Pioneers, winning by 38 points — their largest margin of victory since returning to Division I in 1998-99. Needless to say, they dominated in every facet of the game, and they never let up or lost focus.

Now, 3 road games out of the next 4. And the home game? Against North Texas.

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Two years to the day before America either inaugurates a new president or re-inaugurates the current one (or, you know, fails to inaugurate anybody due to the declaration of martial law amid the post-apocalyptic nightmare following the End of the World in 2012), Larry Sabato offers some political junkie porn in the form of 19 — count ’em, 19 — breakdowns of potential GOP candidates. (And I decided to call it “political junkie porn” even before I read this statement: “The GOP field is not set. The contenders are in various stages of undress as the strip tease proceeds.” Um, #PANIC?!)

Anyway, Sabato says: “No one can be rated as having an ‘excellent’ chance at winning the nomination (yet someone will eventually win). Mitt Romney, widely considered to be leading the early pack, starts out as a weak frontrunner. Six actual or possible contenders are placed in the First Tier; four more in the Second Tier: four in the Third Tier; and five in the Fourth Tier. Obviously, the nominee is likely to be found in Tiers 1 and 2.” The first-tier contenders are Romney, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin (#PANIC!!!), Tim Pawlenty, Haley Barbour, and Mitch Daniels (described as “everybody’s second or third choice”; my tentative first choice, for what little it’s worth). Money quote: “One of the most famous pre-candidates in recent presidential history, Sarah Palin continues to dominate a campaign she has not entered and may never enter.” The second-tier contenders are Newt Gingrich, Mike Pence, John Thune and Marco Rubio (who would have half the Senate experience Obama did in ’08; more likely to be a VP candidate, Sabato says). Among those in the third tier is Michelle Bachmann (#PANIC!!!!!). Among those in the fourth tier are Ron Paul and John Bolton.

Anyway, enjoy!