From the official Notre Dame YouTube channel:

My initial reaction was “meh,” but I watched it on my new iPod Touch, which makes everything seem more cool / less lame, and I had the volume low. The Domersphere as a whole, meanwhile, is dying of embarrassment. Here is Her Loyal Sons’ take. See also the comments here. ND Nation threads here, here, here, here, here and here.

And Every Day Should Be Saturday is having an absolute blast with it. The general consensus seems to be that it falls into the same general category as…

Ah, Appalachian State. Memories!

Anyway, I eagerly await the video of Hitler reacting to the new Notre Dame video.

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Comments on "Heads asplode as Notre Dame releases lame promotional video"

12 Responses to “Heads asplode as Notre Dame releases lame promotional video”

  1. AMLTrojan Says:

    That made my morning, thanks!!!

    And wow, who beat the ND cheerleaders in this video with an ugly stick? Oy vey.

  2. David K. Says:

    That was an awful song. The guitar player looked like a complete tool. They might as well change the name to Notre Lame.

  3. David K. Says:

    I just finished the EveryDayShouldBeSaturday take on it and just about died laughing.

  4. B. Minich Says:

    Wow. Just . . . Wow.

    I think the gentleman singing this is Cyclops from the X-men. He is never without really big and ugly sunglasses.

  5. David K. Says:

    Ok, at this point i just feel BAD for Domers. Everything just seems to go wrong for them.Bob Davie, George O’Leary, Tyrone Boringhame, The Great Weis Hype. Their biggest succes in the past decade was ALMOST beating USC (something that even lowly Stanford and Washington were able to do recently), and now this? Shouldn’t they be protected from such cruel and unusual punishment?

  6. B. Minich Says:

    Here’s something I forgot the first time. That is one of the most unoriginal choruses I have ever heard. “We are ND, we are Notre Dame.” This is then REPEATED. Seriously?

  7. David K. Says:

    Don’t forget “We are the fans of Notre Dame”, i mean that right there was award winning lyricism right there.

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  10. David K. Says:

    So there is a link to a post by the guy who came up with the video idea, and although I still think the lyrics are lame and the freekbass guy is kinda creepy, he explains that it was for an athletes awards banquet and in response to the idea that ND fans just sit on their butts and have no energy, so its not as if it was put together as a promotional video, it was just for fun in its original intent atleast.

    P.S. Who is the creepy looking old dude at 2:15?
    P.P.S. Whats with rapping Tucker Carlson?

  11. Alasdair Says:

    Perhaps this is a sign as prophesied in Revelations – isn’t there something in there about The Time of the ND ???

  12. kcatnd Says:

    You know what? I’m really not worried about it.

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